A View From the Front

In this article, Richard Burbage, Divisional Managing Director for an AdEPT Communications division, discussed the impact of COVID-19 on our business, and how we're helping our customers in these unprecedented times.

As a business, AdEPT Technology Group are used to providing solutions to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Whether that’s to ensure their competitiveness, to improve efficiencies or to help them adapt as a business and grow.

The unprecedented times we find ourselves in with regards to COVID-19 have seen new challenges presented to AdEPT and opportunities for the team to provide real help and assistance to our customers.

In the past month, as the threat of business challenges resulting from the pandemic increased, more and more companies have approached AdEPT needing help – with a real focus on providing greater communication and collaboration for their staff, across multiple locations, especially given the meteoric rise in demand for home working.

We expected to see an upturn in enquiries and a demand for projects with short delivery times but what we’ve seen has been unprecedented. We’ve seen a 70% increase in customer requests for many things including licenses, greater bandwidth, new functionality and new hardware to cope with more data throughput. It’s been challenging, especially as in parallel, we’ve had obligations to our own staff in terms of working from home & self-isolation.  This has meant that AdEPT itself has had to modify its own business processes.

Fortunately we are robust enough to cope with whatever Government advice has come our way, and I’m pleased to say we’ve met the challenge and delivered – and will continue to deliver as the requests for help are continuing to flood in to our business.

AdEPT have seen a collaborative approach to the challenges through their partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Avaya who have helped by providing additional licenses at zero cost or with flexible commitments to the contract term – in the hope that the situation is a temporary one. This has ensured customers have been able to take advantage of new technology to keep their businesses running whilst not suffering financially.

In these cases AdEPT have been providing the scope of works, project management and professional services needed for the deployment. But then AdEPT have always adopted a policy of ‘doing the right thing’ on behalf of clients during extremely stressful times.

Our objective during this time has been to deliver rapid solutions against a trying and fast changing backdrop, working on behalf of our customers with our key partners such as Microsoft and Avaya. Undoubtedly we’re helping our customers to address the challenges of these times, facilitating effective communication with both staff and their customers. It has been great to see how our team is able to step up during unprecedented times – the relationships we are building will stand us in good stead throughout this undoubted crisis.

For more information about anything discussed in this article, or any aspect of the AdEPT services portfolio that could help you or your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch at enquiries@adept.co.uk.

Written by Richard Burbage

Divisional Managing Director, Communications