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we are ... faces not numbers ... and so are you

This is not a slogan - it permeates everything we do


This is what “faces not numbers” really means …

Award winning Service

Our Customer Code of Practice won the Plain English Award – read it here.

Ethical Selling

We are 100% committed to ethical selling. Read our Sales and Marketing Code of Practice here.

OFCOM mis-selling rules

We are regulated by OFCOM and if you want to understand your rights please read here.

AdEPT against Modern Slavery

We are horrified that ‘modern slavery’ exists – read our policy here

Help save our planet

Read our Environmental Policy here. Even better, move to paperless billing today.

When you ring us, we'll give you our full name

None of this “I’d like to speak to Dave.” “Which one we have loads?” nonsense. We will give you our full name so if you do have to ring back you know exactly who to ask for.

We'll try to fix problems first time. If we can't we'll make it easy

We’ll try to fix your problem first time, but let’s be honest: that is not always possible. However we will give you our Direct Dial Number so you can contact the right person straight away if you do have to ring back.

Every member of staff has their own personal voicemail

with their own personalised greeting. So if you do have to leave a message you know that the right person will pick it up. We understand that you want to know the right person will get back to you as soon as they can.

Our system emails us if you leave a voicemail

If you have to leave us a voicemail then our system will send the person an email so that they can quickly see that they need to listen to the message and respond to you. This way you can be confident your voicemails will receive attention.

If we write to you we'll send you our photo

We are determined that “faces not numbers” is real: so if you ever receive a written communication from us we’ll send you our photo so you know exactly who is writing to you. That’s me in the photo; Ian Fishwick, CEO.