Action Taken with LGfL in Response to Covid-19

An update from John Jackson, CEO of LGfL, The National Grid for Learning, on work with partners including AdEPT Education to help schools in response to the Covid-19 virus.

LGfL is taking measures to support schools during this difficult period with the full support of its partners Virgin Media Business and AdEPT Education as well as Google, Microsoft and a range of other partners. Our response is set out below and we will be publishing regular updates and changes to schools at 

Ensuring Sufficient Internet Capacity – LGfL is upgrading all schools free of charge to support increased levels of remote access and access to cloud services. This activity is well advanced with over 1300 schools already upgraded. We are currently scheduling visits in schools and would welcome help and support for these appointments. If you have any questions then please contact and information on this initiative is at 

Remote & Secure Access to the School Network (Freedom2Roam) – LGfL provides a secure service that supports remote access from anywhere to your school network. The licences are unlimited, and the service is provided free of charge. The service is called Freedom2Roam and replaces RAv3.  If you need to set-up remote access to enable staff to access information whilst working at home and haven’t used RAv3 (or aren’t sure), then please contact the LGfL Support Desk. For helpful information about Freedom2Roam please visit    

Unlimited Access to LGfL Content & Resources – LGfL is opening up its curriculum resources, wherever possible, so they can be accessible from any location. Some resources such as Busythings and J2e will require the child or the teacher to login. Further information about individual products can be found at    

Turning Old Kit into Chromebooks – LGfL have partnered with Google to provide free licences for Neverware CloudReady software, which turns old laptops into fully functioning Chromebooks. This will be particularly helpful when children do not have access to a computer at home or if you have a shortage of devices for children.  To find out more visit  

Claim LGfL’s Free Licences including Adobe Creative Cloud – Please claim your free licences from LGfL for products such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Egress (for secure data transfer which may be needed when sending sensitive information) and many more that may prove useful to your school to function remotely. You can claim your licences by visiting and logging in with your USO account  

Signposting to Useful Resources – LGfL has curated a list of key links and information that the school may find helpful to support its planning for a possible closure at   

Web Filtering and Firewalls – A number of schools have asked us to update the web filtering policies to make resources accessible outside of the LGfL network and also in different settings. LGfL is implementing considered changes to enable this to happen. If you need any help and advice regarding the filtering service, then please contact the LGfL Support Desk

Safeguarding Advice – LGfL has pulled together advice and guidance for schools to ensure children work safely at home. This information can be found at

Making Use of Google G Suite and Office 365 – Google, Microsoft and LGfL are committed to supporting schools with G Suite and Office 365 and ensuring that cloud resources are accessible. LGfL can co-ordinate with your partners to help you transition to G Suite or Microsoft

LGfL VoIP – LGfL is upgrading the service to ensure that there is enough capacity to support increased use of telephones during this period

LGfL Support Desk For any technical queries, call 020 8255 5555 and select option 3.

For any questions regarding any other LGfL services, call 020 8408 4455. 

Yours sincerely, 

John Jackson


Written by John Jackson

CEO LGfL, The National Grid for Learning