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Disaster Recovery

When loss of data means catastrophic consequences for your business, you can trust AdEPT to protect your data. Our best-in-class Disaster Recovery (DR) services deliver a fully managed disaster recovery solution you can rely on. Our technical team will test and run recovery cycles every quarter to ensure that your valuable data is fully restorable at all times.

There are very few backup or disaster recovery requirements we can’t meet. In fact, we’ve yet to come across one. We deliver the most commonly requested services individually or collectively depending on your requirements. All of our fully managed backup and disaster recovery services meet the statutory requirements required for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, government, legal and financial institutions.

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Expert monitoring

What sets AdEPT apart from others is that our backups are checked and tested every day by our highly-qualified data specialists. That’s right – expert humans monitoring your safety every single day.

We help businesses to protect their day-to-day operations from downtime and loss of data with our Business Continuity services. Our aim is simple yet effective, we will get your entire network back up and running quickly and efficiently following a catastrophe.

Your physical IT systems are virtualised and replicated in a secure cloud environment. This includes your applications, email, data and your network configuration.

This virtual network can be quickly activated and restored in the event of a disaster. Data and applications can also restored at any time from the cloud to a location of your choice.

Disaster Recovery Services

Mail Back Up & Archiving

Disaster Recovery


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