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HSCN - Health and Social Care Network

The modern replacement for N3

ITN interview AdEPT and NHS Digital about the new Health and Social Care Network

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HSCN General Enquiries
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t: 03445 734 685
Paul Mathews
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Garry Drinkwater
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How do I apply for HSCN funding?

How do IP adresses work on HSCN?

Come and see us at HSCN Summit North 2017

How does HSCN work?

Is it similar to N3?


HSCN - an interoperable 'network of networks'

HSCN will be an interoperable ‘network of networks’ provided by multiple suppliers who will adhere to common and open standards. It will act like a single network provided by many suppliers. This means health and care providers can access services and share information, regardless of their location or network supplier.

Connecting to the HSCN

What do we need to do and how easy is it?


The HSCN Connection Agreement

Can we buy services that work over the HSCN network?

We would ideally like to buy IP voice services as well



We can offer you our full range of services available on the RM1045 network services agreement. Please contact us for more details.

Can non-NHS organisations use HSCN?

Can HSCN be used by non-NHS organisations who provide health care?


All health and care providers can connect to HSCN

This includes NHS and non-NHS organisations involved in the provision of health and care, as well as commercial 3rd parties who provide applications and services to health and care providers.

How do I buy HSCN services?

As a public sector organisation, I’ve heard about aggregated procurements and that there is likely to be a new procurement framework for HSCN services. What are my options?


Buying HSCN services is straightforward

Indeed, NHS Digital is keen to aggregate demand amongst regions and provide support to aggregated procurements.The Crown Commercial Service is also planning on launching a new procurement framework (RM3825) specifically for HSCN.

However, today, you can use the procurement the framework RM1045 (the CCS Network Service Framework) and release requirements under a further competition or as a Direct Award.

Transition management

How will be transition to HSCN be supported?


AdEPT will support you in the transition

AdEPT will support you in the transition to HSCN. N3 to HSCN migrations are supported via the HSCN Peering Exchange and the Transition Network. AdEPT will also liaise with NHS Digital to ensure migrations are planned appropriately with all incoming and outgoing stakeholders. There is now an agreed BT TN Transitional Assistance (TACO) process that has been defined for the transfer of IP Addresses to the new HSCN CNSPs.

IP Addressing

IP Addressing still confuses me, will I have to change my current IP addressing scheme?


RIPE public addressing scheme

NHS Digital has an objective of moving to the recognised RIPE public addressing scheme, but also recognises that mandating a move in the short term is unrealistic. Therefore, Network Address Translation is supported in HSCN to enable existing and internal IP addressing schemes to be supported.

Please look at our further information link opposite or click here


  • Provide a successor to N3
  • Support strategic ambitions of NHS Business Plan (e.g. Five Year Forward View, Personalised Health and Care 2020, GP Forward View, STP’s and LDR’s
  • Ensure locally commissioned and procured HSCN services facilitate health and social care integration
  • Underpin and support health and social care transformation
Tracey Grainger

Head of Digital Primary Care Development, NHS England


  • N3 is being ramped down and no new N3 services will be available post March 2017
  • Existing N3 services are based on legacy access technologies and end-of-life endpoint technologies
  • In the majority of cases the network services you currently contract for have not been competed in the open
Patrick Clark

HSCN Programme, NHS Digital


  • Pre-tested supplier capability and financial standing
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions, including award criteria
  • Established catalogue to support direct awards

Note 1: HSCN standard supplemental terms and conditions included
Note 2: Only suppliers with HSCN compliance can supply HSCN connectivity

Ieuan Trigger

Head of Network Services, CCS