Case Study: Sequence Care Group

How AdEPT is working with Sequence Care to ensure the right technology enables the right person-centred care. You can scroll down to read on, or click below to download now as a PDF.


Sequence Care Group are a specialist independent healthcare company that provide supported living and residential care homes for adults with learning disabilities.


Their dedicated caring teams provide all-around, person-centred care that ensures individuals are encouraged to live as independently and positively as they can, helping them to live a richer life.


The care group works in partnership with the NHS and Local Authorities, developing high quality, trusted services where they are needed. Sequence Care can boast an enviable track record of enabling those in their care to not only progress, but truly flourish and live a fulfilling and happy life.


AdEPT are proud to provide a range of IT and communication services to Sequence Care, that help enable their staff to achieve the organisation’s goals, and most importantly, support that patient-centred care which makes all the difference to residents’ lives.


A modern care home can massively benefit from the right technology, but there are risks. Technology can be expensive, difficult to manage and maintain, and if set up incorrectly can cause more headaches than it solves.


Sequence Care have the added issues, of having a large number of staff and residents dependent on things like Internet connectivity, but spilt over multiple locations. Those locations, will all have independent requirements and personal touches to be mindful of, but at the same time the Group as a whole will be looking to make savings by making purchasing decisions at scale, rather than individually.


Though efficiencies and budget are important factors in any organisation’s technology, safeguarding is key. Among the residents are vulnerable users who require appropriate safeguarding to be in place.


Likewise, on the larger scale, the group needs to defend both it’s users, and it’s network from cyber-based attacks or threats.


AdEPT provide Sequence care with proactive support that includes account management, technical consultancy and service delivery. We have been in partnership together for over 4 years, working to scale, futureproof and protect the IT that underpins the work Sequence Care does.


With proactive account management, Sequence Care can rest assured that the future needs of the organisation are built into their mutually agreed and designed technology roadmap, and that all appropriate safeguarding and security measures are in place, along with best practice disaster recovery and business continuity planning.


Sequence Care now benefit from a range of adaptable and scalable IT services and solutions, all underpinned and supported by an industry-leading partner that genuinely understands the requirements of the care sector.


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AdEPT supports Sequence Care in the following areas.

  • Internet connectivity
  • Network services
  • Project management
  • VoIP telephony
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Disaster recovery
  • WiFi
  • Firewalling
  • Support
  • Remote Desktop Service
  • Security Services
  • Microsoft 365

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