Case Study: Tower Hamlets Community Housing

Helping one of London’s leading community housing providers with essential technology and expertise throughout a difficult year in the sector. You can scroll down to read on, or click below to download now as a PDF.


Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) manages more than 3,000 homes in London and is a charitable housing provider with a strong community ethos. THCH prides itself on its high levels of resident satisfaction, providing a mix of quality, affordable housing and a proud history of delivering innovative and regenerative housing developments.


THCH, seen by many as forward-thinkers in the Social Housing sector, has a vision to ‘build connected communities’ by supporting people to achieve their goals and delivering value services to their tenants.


One of the Corporate Objectives for THCH is to value their people by implementing IT service enhancements.


Here, we speak with Head of IT & Data Protection Officer David Sheehan, about their IT journey.


THCH knew that it was time to upgrade their IT to support their growth plans and support new services across the organisation. The onsite infrastructure had aged well but needed to be replaced to allow staff to be able to work efficiently when doing so remotely, and provide an improved disaster recovery option.


Existing platforms were unable to effectively support users accessing the network simultaneously, hence directly impacting staff performance. A high frequency of issues and uncertain levels of support for the staff caused disruption throughout the organisation.


Along with a change to the IT systems, a more proactive and supportive IT partner was now required to deliver a range of new, stable IT services and improved support levels across the THCH user base. A partner that would be proactive and share THCH desire for innovation.

They recognised the need to find a partner with a proven track record of working with companies of equal size (100 + users) and support structure to deliver a consistent service against targeted SLAs.

THCH knew that Cloud services would play a significant part in their current and future plans. This meant working with a partner that could offer Private or Public Cloud IaaS, has ISO 27001, a tier 3 datacentre, replicated between two geographical locations and 24/7 monitoring, was a must.


Pivotal to this was the need for a disaster recovery (DR) solution that provides a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for critical services in 4 hours if a major incident occurred, along with a data retention period of seven years.


The new solution needed to provide THCH with the flexibility to incorporate any line of business applications as and when required and the scalability to increase resources for additional and existing users as needed.


THCH conducted an extensive tender process to find the right partner and solutions to their requirements.


AdEPT was pleased to respond to the tender request and competed with a number of different companies for the contract. The level of detail, forward-thinking approach and wide-ranging solutions and support services were key factors in AdEPT winning the contract.


After being awarded the contract, AdEPT reviewed the on-premise infrastructure estate and rationalised services before completing a migration plan, which reduced the overall migration time and kept the new platform clean of legacy services.


We had to work with an incumbent provider that was reluctant to help with the transition of services, which meant AdEPT had to think outside the box and call upon specialist skills and tools to acquire the information needed to complete the project.


AdEPT created a focused transition team that consisted of both AdEPT and THCH staff; the project was carefully planned and executed to ensure staff didn’t suffer from migration disruption, alleviating THCH concerns.

THCH now have the desired solution they wanted, enabling the staff and wider organisation to work more efficiently, from anywhere in a secure and productive manner, to focus on the services they provide to their tenants.


They have a capable, experienced and ISO 27001 accredited IT Partner in AdEPT, delivering private cloud services backed by the resilience of two Tier 3 data centres, which replicate between two geographical locations, meaning THCH now have a secure and resilience solution.


The solution is remotely monitored and managed 24 hours, 7 Days a week as required, and a reliable DR solution is now in place, delivering the RPO for critical services in 4 hours if a major incident occurred and the seven-year data retention.


AdEPT used its extensive experience in transitioning organisations from onsite infrastructure to hybrid cloud environments to deliver the platform THCH needed to support their future growth plans. A structured approach and tested methodologies, with a keen eye for detail, meant the transition of services was seamless.


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AdEPT supports Tower Hamlets Community Housing in the following areas.

  • Managed Services
    1st, 2nd, 3rd line technical support
    Remote monitoring and managed (RMM)
    Technical documentation repository
    Microsoft 365 management
    Internet security
    Email filtering and security
  • Firewalls at both the premise and datacentre
  • Private Cloud hosting
  • MPLS Network
  • Resilience infrastructure
  • IaaS for virtualising Citrix estate
  • Project management, network architecture and redesign services
  • DR / BCP solution
  • Onsite technical support

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