AdEPT Communications Secure Openreach Flexibility During Covid-19 Pandemic

Richard Burbage, Managing Director for AdEPT Communications discusses how AdEPT worked to get industry consensus on how to help customers through Covid-19

None of us could foresee the global pandemic (Covid-19)  in advance and the same is true as to just how much it would affect UK businesses and specifically AdEPT customers. However, there were some obvious areas where we knew customers would ask for our help. One of these is the ability to temporarily suspend some services and to restart them when needed, in support of the Government ‘mothball’ strategy.

On our own this would have been difficult to achieve, and so we knew we needed to put pressure on our Wholesale Partners, and specifically Openreach (part of BT) who look after the fibres, wires and cables that connect the majority of the county.

In early April the AdEPT Chairman, Ian Fishwick, reached out to a number of other Communication Providers to achieve a consensus as to what assistance our industry would require from Openreach to deliver tangible help for our customers during these times. This initiative resulted in a request for support signed by the majority of Communications Providers in the market and was submitted to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Rt Hon Oliver Dowden, as well as to the head of Openreach in the UK.

Within days AdEPT had successfully secured the help we were looking for directly from Openreach.  The team at AdEPT are now in the process of reviewing the small print and we will then communicate this to all positively impacted customers.

We knew very early on what would be asked of us and we knew how essential it would be to go to the very top to secure such unprecedented support. Our Chairman’s approach with other Communication Providers to get an industry-wide consensus was essential to send a united message to the UK Government and to Openreach. The resultant positive response by Openreach will make a huge difference to AdEPT customers who need the help the most. Yes, there is some small print which means it doesn’t apply to everybody, but by and large, it’s a big win for AdEPT, the industry at large and our customers, and is further evidence of how we’re taking our role as the 4th Utility service seriously.

Written by Richard Burbage

Divisional Managing Director, Communications

AdEPT helps Kent NHS achieve its Digital Transformation

AdEPT helps deliver high speed connectivity to accelerate ICT for the NHS in Kent, positively impacting 1.6 million people. Keep scrolling for the full story.

AdEPT delivers on a promise

In 2018 AdEPT announced a significant government contract win with the NHS.  However, winning a contract is only half the battle – it is crucial to deliver on the promise made in this substantial contract process. 

AdEPT is therefore delighted to announce that, under the guidance of the NHS Trusts in Kent, AdEPT has delivered improved network and bandwidth capacity to more than 100 hospital and specialist care sites across the region.

This project facilitates greater collaboration in handling the health and welfare needs of Kent residents.

Following the success of this initial network programme, AdEPT are completing the roll-out of improved bandwidth services to the 300 GP surgeries in the region.  This will complete the upgrade of the entire NHS network in Kent.

This ultimately means that 1.6 million people across Kent will receive better care through improved network and bandwidth capacity, financial savings and improved access to clinical systems.

The challenge to be addressed

In 2017, the NHS decided that the 12 years old ‘N3 network’ needed to be retired.

But what was the ‘N3 network’? N3 was a decade old national broadband network for the English NHS, connecting all NHS locations and 1.3 million employees across England, a solution formerly managed by BT.

As a single supplier service, N3 was principally designed to provide access to national applications, such as patient records, hospital appointments and prescription services for NHS organisations. 

However, as with all single supplier markets, the network became outdated.

The Change

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) was devised as a multi-supplier marketplace adhering to single credentials – it is designed to provide an improved way for health and social care organisations across the country – from both inside and outside the NHS – to access and exchange electronic information.

This multi-supplier approach also encouraged competition for the provision of the network, leading to a substantial cost reduction for the NHS.

Digitising Healthcare

The digital transformation being felt in all walks of society is being experienced in equal measure across the NHS. 

Front line care is increasingly digital. A recent Healthcare News report clearly highlighted a host of initiatives that demonstrate how this transformation is impacting the NHS.  Examples of ICT initiatives across the NHS include;

Information security, patient analytics, digitised patient engagement, population health, Electronic Health Records, remote patient monitoring and revenue cycle management.

The healthcare world is clearly changing, with; virtual surgeries, remote consultations and telehealth all improving the way health services are delivered. 

However, all these transformations depend on a high speed, secure, cost effective network infrastructure.

Specifically Kent, and the benefit HSCN brings

The delivery of a new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) to NHS hospitals and specialist trusts in Kent replaces an outdated N3 network, delivering improved access to information and technology and substantial cost savings. Underpinning the transformation of health and social care services in the region. 

This improvement was made possible by the competition between network suppliers driven by HSCN.

Kent chose AdEPT because it demonstrated that it would be a flexible and responsive partner to the NHS in the region.

How has this substantial programme been delivered?

The change programme has required strong collaboration between a number of critical partners;

•          the NHS Trusts in Kent,

•          NHS Digital, and

•          AdEPT Technology Group

 “The N3 community of interest network (COIN) within Kent was one of, if not, the largest and most complex in England. It’s a credit to the strong leadership and collaboration between the seven Trusts in Kent, that not only was a successful migration of services to HSCN completed, but we were the first to do so in the UK”

commented Tim Scott, Chief Commercial Officer and HSCN Programme Lead at AdEPT.

“Strong programme delivery is critical to complex technology projects. There are four key disciplines and attributes that allowed us to deliver this programme so well: leadership, structure, collaboration and flexibility.

In AdEPT, we found a partner – rather than a supplier – aligned to us in each of these disciplines”.

Michael Beckett, Director of IT, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

“The migration of the Kent CoIN demonstrates everything HSCN was designed to achieve;

greater collaboration, both locally and with suppliers;

reduced costs for the NHS by virtue of the HSCN marketplace and

using technology to provide enhanced capabilities, that will deliver better care though health and social care integration.”

Mike Oldfield-Marsh, HSCN Migration Manager NHS Digital.

Written by Ben Rogers

Group Marketing Manager at AdEPT

AdEPT Become Avaya Diamond Partner

As a result of sales success in the Avaya year ending 30th September AdEPT has achieved the status of top tier partner – Diamond.

Alison Hastings – Head of Channel, Avaya UKI:

“Avaya are delighted to promote AdEPT to our ‘elite’ Diamond status as part of the Avaya Edge partner programme in the UKI.  There are only 8 Diamond partners in the UK with only 30 across EMEA, an exclusive club.

Avaya’s Edge programme recognises our partners for revenue growth and investment of skills in the Avaya portfolio – enabling our key channels to deliver a superior customer experience in the market.

AdEPT have had a stellar year with substantial revenue growth YOY. We look forward to a great year ahead, with a wider Avaya portfolio, as we look to take our customers on the digital journey to cloud – our thanks go to AdEPT for their support and investment in Avaya in FY19”. 

AdEPT and Avaya

The AdEPT relationship with Avaya began over 20 years ago and during that time AdEPT have had no hesitation in recommending Avaya voice solutions to customers that demand scalability, reliability and functionality from either a cloud or on-premise solution.

Avaya solutions range from relatively simple IP telephony solutions to full UC (Unified Communications) deployments.  With solutions that encompass; messaging, chat, audio, video, conferencing & collaboration. 

Avaya have an excellent record of staying at the forefront of technology and the requirements of the growing AdEPT customer base.  With clients such as HCA, Somerset House, Beaumont Business Centres and Islington Borough Council, Avaya solutions have been an important part of the AdEPT portfolio for many years.

An Exclusive Club

Richard Burbage – Managing Director, AdEPT Communications comments:

“It is incredibly satisfying to see Avaya recognise our achievements by awarding AdEPT Diamond status.  This promotes AdEPT to an exclusive club of resellers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

This enhanced relationship will only further strengthen our engagement with Avaya and improve our ability to satisfy the dynamic requirements of our customers”.

About Avaya

Businesses are built on the experiences they provide, and every day millions of those experiences are built by Avaya (NYSE: AVYA). For over one hundred years, Avaya have enabled organizations around the globe to win – by creating intelligent communications experiences for customers and employees. Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. To grow clients’ business, Avaya are committed to innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. Avaya are the technology company you trust to help you deliver Experiences that Matter. For further information please visit Avaya at

If you’d like to discuss an Avaya solution with a member of our team, please see our Avaya page and get in touch.

Written by Ben Rogers

Group Marketing Manager at AdEPT