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Many think that you have to be a large enterprise to deploy a call centre; this is not the case.

With today’s cloud technology, small to medium sized businesses can quickly and affordably implement one.


AdEPT CCaaS solutions integrate voice, video, chat and contact centre functions to address your most important asset; your customers, all delivered with class-leading voice quality, uptime and security compliance.


Our solution is a complete, reliable and secure solution that helps businesses boost engagement, collaboration and operational effectiveness for customer success.

Built on a resilient cloud platform, our service makes it easy for businesses & organisations to connect and collaborate both internally and externally.


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Intelligence and Automation

Built In

Intelligent IVR
• Use advanced speech recognition to provide intelligent self-service options
• Design menus with visual drag-and drop flow designer

Virtual Agent
• Give dynamic, personalised assistance without a live agent whilst eliminating repetitive tasks by using IVR

Agent Assist
• Provide agents with information in real-time without manual searches

CRM Integrations
• Integrate out-of-the-box with Salesforce, Zendesk and many more for seamless data management automation

• Enable faster handling of lists and improve utilisation of agent time

Workforce and Customer

Call Management Features

Workforce Management
• Improve operational efficiency, eliminate manual adjustments and align staffing needs to match demand

Customer Survey
• Capture CSAT from customers to drive improvements and highlight opportunities

Security & Reliability
• Enhance security and compliance including secure payment processing
• Address security certifications and regulations, including PCI DSS Level 1 and GDPR

Digital Channels
• Enable flexibility in how customers connect via social media, SMS, chat and email

Quality Management
• Evaluate interactions across any channel for coaching and training

Customer Experience & Speech Analytics
• View every step of the customer journey
• Empower contact centre managers with actionable insights
• Reveal patterns and trends

Key Benefits

• A comprehensive, high performance solution that powers exceptional customer experiences and builds lasting loyalty

• Reduce IT overheads and dependencies thanks to an all-in-one, fully browser-based platform that is simple to master

• Enhance agent performance with timely feedback, intelligent coaching and collaboration tools for continuous service improvement

• An array of unified collaboration tools with easy access from any device, anywhere support new ways of working and flexible workspace.

• AI-powered recommendations for agents, supervisors and contact centre leaders help to amplify the customer experience

Business Continuity & Security

as Standard

At AdEPT, we aim to keep your business and organisation up and running.

Our resilient contact centre service comes with industry-leading uptime, global reach and platform flexibility, ensuring ensure that your contact centre continues operating without interruption.

Facilitate working from home
• Set up staff and agents to work from anywhere and from any device
• Support and encourage collaboration between agents, partners, customers and experts
• Manage staff and agent productivity with live monitoring and analytics

Deliver consistent, exceptional customer experience
• Equip supervisors with analytics to highlight any issues and resolve them swiftly
• Maximise coaching impact with targeted quality management tools
• Ensure metrics are met using robust reporting and analytics

Meet strict security requirements
• Maintain security status and comply with industry and legal compliances and data privacy regulations
• Sustain operations through a disruptive event with little to no impact on customers
• Minimise risks to staff, customers and operations as a whole


8×8 offers pure cloud based unified communications and contact centre services – UCaaS and CCaaS. 8×8 provides a unique complement to our portfolio. As a pure cloud player, the ease of service establishment coupled with the scalable functionality of the product is proving very disruptive in the UK market place.

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