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The costs of breaches

are increasing

The direct cost, recovery cost and long-term cost of security breaches are growing year-on-year. According to the 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber security breach or attack with the average cost of a data breach being between £4,200 and £19,400.


Cyber threats and cyber security are continually evolving in nature, becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. With the volume and variety of potential threats continuing to rise, an increase of 76% was experienced in 2022 alone, it is imperative now more than ever for a business to be Cyber Secure.


AdEPT provides multiple products, service and solutions to protect against these threats as well as offering a Security Readiness Assessment service that provides an organisation with analysis and insight into potential vulnerabilities.


Want to find out more about AdEPT’s Cyber Essentials and Security Readiness Assessment Services? Contact our team of experts at AdEPT today on 01302 774820 or use the form opposite:

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    AdEPT’s Security Readiness Assessment services can prepare organisations for Cyber Essentials certification or simply provide a security audit. You have a choice of:


    • Initial one day pre-assessment where AdEPT will take the business through a scoping questionnaire, exploring the existing security environment and security requirements based on Cyber Essentials. This will result in a GAP analysis highlighting areas that need to be addressed.
    • Security Readiness Assessment is a further, more detailed discovery and design phase that will consist of identifying and agreeing to specific controls that will be implemented. AdEPT will put in place what is agreed, as well as providing hands on help if a business wishes to go through the Cyber Essentials certification process.
    • AdEPT’s Secured Microsoft 365 Solution is a control that organisations may choose to implement. The system integrates a set of preventative controls by using features within Microsoft 365 Business Premium to add further security to a business’ information systems.

    One Day Pre-Assessment Service

    Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that defines a set of controls to address the most common cyber-attacks. The standard is continually being revised to reflect the combined changes in the threat landscape and the way businesses operate.


    If your organisation wants to achieve Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus but isn’t familiar with what’s involved, or if you need advice on what Cyber Essentials covers and how that can relate to your own environment – AdEPT’s one day pre-assessment service is for you.


    This service will take you through an initial scoping questionnaire of your existing security environment and any requirements based on Cyber Essentials standards, resulting in a GAP analysis that highlights areas to address.


    Find out more about AdEPT’s One Day Pre-Assessment Service by contacting our team of experts on 01302 774820 or using the form above.


    This service is a precursor for a more detailed audit and set of recommendations defined by our Security Readiness Assessment service.

    Security Readiness Assessment Service

    If your organisation has either undertaken a pre-assessment and identified the need for additional help in uplifting your security environment against modern-day threats, or if you want to achieve Cyber Essentials certification from the outset – this assessment is for you.


    AdEPT’s Security Readiness Assessment is a detailed discovery that will consist of identifying and agreeing to specific controls to be implemented, looking into the high-level impact on users and any considerations for IT processes and policies. Starting with AdEPT’s recommendations, you can proceed in a number of ways.


    • Deploy only a subset of recommended security controls to ‘harden’ a specific element.
    • Deploy all recommended security controls to your Microsoft 365 environment.
    • Use additional AdEPT services to achieve security compliance in the wider LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) environment.


    Find out more about AdEPT’s Security Readiness Assessment Service by contacting our team of experts on 01302 774820 or using the form above.


    On completion of the Security Readiness Assessment, you will have the information needed to prepare for Cyber Essentials and, following our recommendations, create and implement an action plan before submitting your environment for certification.

    Secured Microsoft 365 Solution

    Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular all-in-one office platforms in the UK, providing access to cloud-based information, storage, email, and wider Microsoft Office applications. The appropriate use of security tools within Microsoft is a key step to gaining and maintaining a cyber secure business environment.


    AdEPT’s Secured Microsoft 365 Solution integrates a set of preventative technical controls by using features within Microsoft 365 Business Premium to add further security to your business’ information systems. Using Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, data, devices and applications can be secured. Microsoft 365 Business Premium also enables conditional access that ensures only authorised devices, meeting a minimum-security standard, can access your systems.


    These security controls are aligned to the Cyber Essentials requirements, helping your business keep cyber secure and maintaining that secure environment.


    Find out more about AdEPT’s Secured Microsoft 365 Solution here:

    Why Choose AdEPT As Your Cyber Security Partner

    AdEPT has a strong track record of delivering IT managed services to clients for over 10 years, providing solutions that scale and work for each individual business, managing those solutions and ensuring the business’ IT runs efficiently. We help organisations gain greater visibility of vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure and help mitigate against cyber security attacks.


    As a licensed certification body for Cyber Essentials, we can partner with you every step of the way in your journey to achieving first class cyber security, from advisory services and implementation through to ongoing management and optimisation.


    As the world continues to change, so too will the cybersecurity landscape and compliance requirements of IT in business. AdEPT’s assessments and Secured Microsoft 365 service will ensure your organisation stays cyber compliant in an ever-changing environment.

    How we have helped organisations with their Cyber Security

    “Adept helped us improve and secure every part of out IT infrastructure so we could achieve CE+ certification. After an initial consultation they clearly explained the steps we needed to take to be ready for the assessment. I particularly appreciated the great support their senior engineer provided on the day of the assessment to ensure that we passed first time”.

    Ben Woodcock Premier Partnership


    “Working with AdEPT has allowed us to look at where we are strong, and where we are weak, they have been instrumental in developing our cyber security processes and have really helped us affectively audit where every school is. We would not have been able to move our digital strategy forward so quickly without their help and support.”

    James Jackson, Director of Digital Transformation

    How can we help?

    AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.