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There’s no argument in today’s world that businesses need to be connected, both to the Internet, and as they grow, to other locations within the organisation. We work with a variety of key partners to mix and match the best options for you.

We can provide a simple, easy to understand explanation of what internet access options are available at each of your sites. We will then check with every major carrier in the UK what technology options are available in your area. No carrier is the best in every part of the country so mixing and matching the ‘best of breed’ is the best solution. It is one of the key benefits of AdEPT being network independent.

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AdEPT Nebula

We also offer our own connectivity and networking service, for more information. AdEPT Nebula.

Nebula offers a complete MPLS Data Network solution delivering flexible, secure and centrally managed multi-site connectivity. Connecting into a resilient multi-core network, managed centrally, MPLS private data networks bring the benefits of simplicity, control and significant cost savings for your business.

As the data circuits connect into a central ‘cloud’ rather than to a specific site, the network is more flexible & resilient than using site-to-site leased lines or VPNs, which require expensive routers and configuration.

Our MPLS data network can also provide ‘on-net’ access to customer data centres, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure) and other AdEPT managed services.

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