Digital education platforms: lockdown figures reveal schools’ necessity for remote teaching and learning technology

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19 October 2020

Figures released today by AdEPT Technology Group give a snapshot of schools’ remarkable rise to the challenges of remote teaching and learning

Schools facing the immense challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown their impressive capacity to embrace new technology – and their often-unseen ability to adapt quickly to new ways of working.

As revealed in figures released today by AdEPT Technology Group, the take-up of digital education platforms (DEPs) in 2020 had grown by 131 per cent compared to the whole of 2019.

While the pandemic – and the resulting Department for Education funding scheme – is clearly the driving force in this adoption of DEPs, the number of schools signing up – and their approach to doing so – has stunned even the most seasoned edtech specialists at AdEPT.

Throughout the whole of 2019, AdEPT set up 258 schools on the platforms. But by 15 September 2020, 595 schools had signed up for one of the platforms – more than double the 2019 figures.

Based on official government figures, there are approximately 450,000 FTE teachers, nine million students and 24,000 schools in England. Averaging those figures – and multiplying the results by the number of schools that have signed up for a DEP through AdEPT – suggests that the company has issued some 492,700 licences to 15 September 2020 alone.

Beyond the numbers, the experience of working with schools during the pandemic has underlined the sector’s clear appetite for digital transformation – and it has shown that education professionals’ desire to give every young person the best education possible trumps even the toughest of challenges.

AdEPT Education Managing Director David Bealing works closely with schools and education organisations. He said: “As a company that specialises in providing road maps and solutions to get the most out of technology, the last six months have been of particular importance during the pandemic.

“We’ve helped many organisations with technology that enables remote working. We’ve helped businesses reconfigure their phone lines so calls can be diverted from workplaces. And we’ve had to rethink how we tackle installations while respecting social distancing.

“With the Department for Education figures illustrating that less than three per cent of children have attended schools during the pandemic, it is our cloud enablement work with schools that has really stood out.

“We have marveled at the speed and ingenuity of schools’ response. We all know that even the smallest change to youngsters’ routines can be immensely challenging, so we are extremely proud of the scale and speed of being able to help so many  schools adopt and roll out cloud teaching and learning platforms.”

Leading the technical aspects of this work is AdEPT’s Chief Technology Officer Clive Bryden. He said: “I’ve worked in technology for all my life and there are few things that are as rewarding as the work we’ve done to help schools throughout the pandemic.

“To roll out nearly half a million licences in a matter of months definitely makes me proud – especially of my colleagues. But it’s also a real privilege to be involved in this work. When I hear schools say everything’s clicked into place and students have really taken to video lessons, or submitting homework through their tablets… it makes the hard work completely worth it.

“I want to also highlight and thank the London Grid for Learning – LGfL and its inspirational CEO. We partner with LGfL and with them, we’re able to keep schools’ technology working round the clock.

“Along with the DEP work, we’re closely involved in LGfL’s Freedom2Roam programme which allows school staff to remotely access servers – one teacher described it as a ‘godsend’ – another example that brings the role of technology into life.”

AdEPT is one of only a small number of providers that have government accreditation in both Google and Microsoft platforms. And as with all of its services and support, AdEPT has helped schools to choose the best option that meets their needs with a particular emphasis of explaining and demystifying technology.

In May, AdEPT published a detailed blog covering everything schools need to know about DEPs and a month later it ran a series of webinars on the same subject. Both sessions were well attended by education professionals and resulted in useful and eye-opening Q and A discussions. One of the webinar recordings is available here.

As the UK looks beyond the pandemic to more longer-term responses to the challenges, the work is far from over, says AdEPT Education Managing Director David Bealing

He added: “Many schools have already seen how DEPs can be extremely valuable tools for remote teaching and learning. But we can already see how they can be useful beyond lockdown and we hope to help many more schools with these platforms in the future.”


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