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Uncontended access to the Internet

In a world where connectivity is key, every organisation knows it needs an Internet connection.


The question is which one?


AdEPT offer Direct Internet Access, a leased line service with a managed router, giving organisation’s uncontended access to the Internet via AdEPT’s Nebula Core.


Through our Nebula platform, AdEPT offer resilient, affordable and secure options through a range of industry leading partners, meaning you get a service that suits your requirements and circumstance.


DIA means you are connected DIRECTLY to the Internet and is the choice for businesses where standard broadband and fibre connections are not suitable for their online demands and applications.


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    • Direct and resilient Internet peering from AdEPT’s Nebula Core with multiple Tier 1 Internet Providers including Cogent and GTT
    • Uncontended & symmetrical bandwidth available, hence your upload and download speeds will be the same
    • Your allocated bandwidth is not shared with others
    • Multiple leased line options from leading carriers such as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business and Talk Talk Business
    • Managed router options including Cisco and Huawei
    • Fully managed service including remote monitoring and customer dashboards
    • DIA SLA (service Level Agreement) can guarantee network up-time, latency and packet loss


    • Separate your Internet traffic from your critical applications with a dedicated Internet line

    • Cost effective Internet Access

    • Low and high bandwidth options to meet current bandwidth needs and help you plan for the future

    • Always-on, reliable access with fail-over between multiple Internet providers & geographically diverse interconnects

    • High quality speed and performance, from using the best tier 1 providers

    • Re-route traffic around major provider outages

    • Improved network security from not having to share your Internet connection with those outside of your organisation

    • Flexible DIA with the ability to scale up your resources as you grow


    AdEPT work with some of the industry leading communications providers to deliver DIA

    These include Tier 1 Internet Providers including Cogent and GTT alongside major carriers as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business and Talk Talk Business

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