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AdEPT is a strategic partner of London Grid for Learning (LGfL). AdEPT provides services to over 3,500 schools – including the delivery of the largest Microsoft Office 365 deployment in Europe with over 1 million users!

AdEPT’s dedicated education team have over 30 years experience providing “designed-for-schools” technology that is simple to use, easy to implement, and budget-friendly. Our award winning range of products and services are used by over 2 million pupils, staff members and parents / guardians in schools across the UK.

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Services Designed for Schools.

The benefits technology can have at school are huge, but it doesn’t come without its problems. Cost, understanding, maintenance and time can all be reasons why comprehensive IT strategies and solutions at school never get off the ground. We can take these headaches away.

The AdEPT Education range of products and services uses the best technology available, a combination of our own specialist solutions and those offered by our industry-leading partners. Whatever your IT requirement, we have a best-fit answer.

AdEPT Education are currently working with hundreds of schools across the UK to get them set up with a Digital Education Platform to help facilitate remote learning during the Covid-19 lockdown. To discuss the options with us, and see how you can go about claiming DfE funding for the deployment, please see our article below.

Department for Education Funding for Digital Education Platforms with Microsoft and Google

The DfE have recently announced funding for schools to set up Digital Education Platform for remote learning with Microsoft or Google, to help facilitate remote teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. AdEPT Education are an approved Microsoft and Google partner, and can partner with you to get set up and claim the funding. We’ve prepared a short blog post, with everything you need to know to get started, which you can read below.

Digital Education Platforms

With a Digital Education Platform, schools can use the power of Microsoft and Google to teach and learn remotely, safely, efficiently and at incredible value. Google and Microsoft both provide industry leading software for schools, including messaging, collaboration, setting homework, email and shared calendars, Cloud storage, and all with the relevant safeguarding taken into consideration. With recent DfE funding announced for schools to get set up, now is the time to make the jump if you haven’t already. The benefits for your school will far outlast the Covid-19 lockdown. Schools have a choice between Microsoft and Google. AdEPT Education are both a Microsoft Gold Partner, and Google Cloud Partner, and can recommend the solution that works best for you with demonstrations of both platforms. To start your Google and Microsoft journeys, please see our pages below.

Products & Services

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Case Study

St Dunstan’s College

St Dunstan’s College is an independent, coeducational school for 3 to 18 year olds located in South London and founded in 1888. AdEPT Education (formerly Atomwide) have delivered IT services and support to St Dunstan’s College since 2003. Here we speak with the school’s Network Manager John Taylor about his experiences with AdEPT Education over a 15 year partnership and recently their uptake of on-site and remote IT support.


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