An easy to use service that allows schools to text parents, staff or indeed any group of people simply and easily from a dedicated website.

About Our AutoText Service

An easy to use service that allows schools to text parents, staff or indeed any group of people simply and easily from a dedicated website. AutoText is different as all the texting data is pulled directly from your school’s MIS reducing the need to manually input numbers and contact details.

You can also run reports that will show you any errors in your school’s MIS data, such as where a number is missing or if some numbers are incomplete. If recipients have downloaded the ParentComms: Mobile app, the text will automatically be sent as a free push notification.

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AutoText Solution Features

  • An easy way for schools to keep everyone involved and up-to-date
  • Managed via a simple to navigate website
  • Easily create groups to send messages to
  • Integrates with your MIS meaning no manual inputting of data
  • Inform parents / guardians of unauthorised absences or lateness
  • Run reports to help you find errors in your data
  • Real time billing information and audit trail
  • Integration with ParentComms: Mobile for free push notifications
  • Included support from the Atomwide Service Desk

The Management website

Authorised USO users within a school can be set up with ‘SMS Sender’ status, typically the Head Teacher or Nominated Contact, which enables them to send messages to the mobile phones of school staff, parents or even pupils via an easy-to-use management website.


Users can be filtered by school, year and class allowing specific or automated messages to be sent to the relevant year group or even individual class. Alternatively, more personalise user groups can be created and saved for specific messages to be sent out. For example staff members who make up a school senior management team, or departmental heads, and so on.


The management interface gives the ‘SMS Sender’ a balance to show how many text messages the school has left to send and also provides a full audit trail of previously sent messages.

MIS integration

For sites running the Atomwide AutoUpdate application on their MIS system, an automated data extract can be sent direct from the MIS to the USO database following morning registration.


This extract will highlight any pupils who are noted as absent without a known explanation, and the AutoText service will automatically generate and send a personalised message to each absent pupil’s parent/guardian to notify them of the absence.


Helping with your data


AutoText can automatically compile a list of individual mobile numbers that are invalid and send a report of this information to the school MIS Manager. This report will enable the MIS Manager to source the correct information and update the MIS accordingly.

ParentComms: Mobile

Schools can save money on the cost of texting by encouraging recipients to download the free ParentComms:Mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. Any message sent to a smartphone with the ParentComms: Mobile app installed will automatically be sent as a free push notification, rather than a text message, saving on the cost of the text.


With the AutoText service, schools can run a report to check which recipients have the ParentComms:Mobile app installed and encourage those that haven’t to do so in order to save the school money.

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