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USOSync enables a school’s local Microsoft Active
Directory to be securely synchronised with USO

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About our USOSync Service

Schools using AdEPT Education supported services will know that their USO credentials serve as their unique log in details for the entire range of AdEPT Education services.


To save time and hassle, USOSync can synchronise the USO database with your school’s local Active Directory so your USO username and password will serve for this purpose as well, further removing another set of account details to have to remember.


USOSync can also synchronise USO with your Microsoft 365 or Google accounts allowing even greater consistency in usernames and passwords.


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    USOSync Features

    • Fewer usernames and passwords to remember
    • Enables the management of user accounts from a single location – the USO Support Site
    • Information from the MIS is securely exported to USO
    • Automatically keep your AD synced with your MIS
    • Help reduce and automate account administration
    • Creates users in appropriate groups
    • Pupil accounts are automatically moved to the start of the next academic year
    • Creates home areas for each user to store folders
    • Included support from the AdEPT Education Service Desk

    Extends USO into a school’s local domain to simplify logins

    USOSync allows a school to populate its Microsoft Active Directory with user accounts from USO which is populated by MIS data. This allows user details to be created or amended in your Active Directory (AD) soon after those details are entered into the school’s MIS without any manual administration.

    All changes happen by the information being securely exported from the MIS to USO and then having that information written into your AD. USOSync then continues to handle the on-going synchronisation of accounts.

    USOSync with Google

    USOSync is also able to synchronise USO accounts with Google services. For more information on this service please get in touch.

    Reduces the account administration burden on schools

    USOSync creates users, organised into appropriate Organisational Units for ease of management (e.g. the application of policies). It also adds users to various groups according to their account profiles e.g. user type (students, staff and nominated contacts), year group, etc.#

    It can calculate and set paths for login scripts and profiles (but leaves the profiles themselves open to local management and configuration), and it can create home area shares in a variety of fashions (e.g. one folder per user, or a shared folder in which each person has a subfolder, all with appropriately set permissions).

    Pupil accounts are automatically moved from one year group to the next at the start of the school year and accounts that are removed from the MIS will also be taken out of the AD.


    USOSync works in partnership with AutoUpdate, a software download available to all USO subscribing schools. Via AutoUpdate, data is extracted from the MIS, encrypted, then securely sent to the central USO database. Based on the MIS data, new USO accounts are automatically created and existing accounts are updated with any relevant changes.

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