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Protection from email-borne threats

An overwhelming number of malware, phishing and viral attacks are delivered via email.


A member of staff innocently clicking the wrong link or downloading a suspect file could have disastrous consequences for your business continuity.


It’s not worth the risk.


AdEPT offer a range of email filtering solutions including industry-leading solutions and our own intellectual property.


These technologies offer protection against email-borne viruses, malware, fraud and phishing emails, as well as filtering general spam and unwanted bulk mail


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    Email Filtering Features

    • Daily summary of emails quarantined as spam
    • Easy process for users to release ‘false positives’
    • ‘Set and forget’ application to protect all users
    • Portal option to review message content before releasing
    • Admins can apply ‘global’ rules for their protected users
    • Enforceable email footers and standard signatures or disclaimers
    • Supports domain or individual user Block and Allow lists
    • Custom outbound rules to protect domains from self-incrimination
    • Filters both inbound and outbound email
    • Works with any email providers

    Email Filtering Benefits

    • Protection against email-borne threats and unwanted distractions
    • Cloud-hosted, to protect users from beyond the internet gateway.
    • Easy management, with no local infrastructure required
    • Protection evolves to respond to threats in real-time
    • No client software required – works on all devices
    • Web portal for users to set rules, release spam etc
    • Sophisticated management portal for Mail Domain Administrators
    • Comprehensive statistical reporting and mail transit logs for Administrators
    • Experienced UK-based Help Desk

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