Extreme Networks

It’s never been easier to build the most flexible software-driven networking solutions imaginable.

Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology since it was established in 1996. An acknowledged leader in agile networking technologies, Extreme is recognised worldwide for its end-to-end networking solutions.


As the highest accredited Black Diamond Partner in the UK, we offer unparalleled expertise in Extreme products and services, from high-performance switching and routing products for data centre and core-to-edge networks, to wired or wireless LAN access and unified network management and control.


Through Extreme, we can transform your network: simplify your infrastructure, add scale and agility or improve visibility of network performance and operations. We also improve application performance, making your critical systems simpler to design, build and manage.


We also deliver high density Wi-Fi access, BYOD and mobility, as well as identity access management and total end-to-end network security. We recently achieved Triple Master Specialisation across all Extreme Networks technologies – the first partner to do so in the UK!


Flexible Funding Options

With the introduction of a network subscription model, AdEPT and Extreme Networks are providing cloud-like agility for on-premises solutions; allowing organisations to acquire what they want, where they want, when they want it.

Flexible Deployment Options

As remote working needs continue to evolve, AdEPT and Extreme Networks can help organisations adapt and scale innovative, secure and flexible networking solutions to meet remote working requirements boosting collaboration and productivity.

“Extreme Networks’ capabilities enable them to deliver on highly bespoke projects across a number of industries including healthcare, education, professional services and central government”

Extreme Networks Portfolio



  • Switching: end-to-end fabric networking 
  • Routing: adaptive connectivity
  • Wireless: ubiquitous access for all


For more information, visit the Extreme Networks website.

Managing hospital IT infrastructure

AdEPT, in partnership with Extreme Networks, delivers the end-to-end clinical-grade infrastructure solutions that healthcare organisations need to meet the reliability, scalability, security, and intelligence required for life, patient, and mission critical initiatives.


To find out more how AdEPT can help with your hospital IT infrastructure click here.

ExtremeCloud™ IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ helps ensure the continuity of learning in the education sector by delivering 24/7 availability making remote monitoring and management of networks, simple.

How can we help?

AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.