How Microsoft Azure Makes a Difference to Your Business

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform which provides businesses with the opportunity to transform their IT use.

By outsourcing a range of computing services off-site to Azure’s secure servers, businesses can enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility and reduced costs.

This solution provides a large range of possible services covering infrastructure, software and platform services, without the need for on-site servers. Some of the applications a business may use Microsoft Azure for include:

• Virtual network
• Data storage
• Virtual machine hosting
• Application development
• Database management
• Backup and disaster recovery

With Microsoft’s expanding network of data centres across the globe, businesses can add cloud capability to their existing network or allow Microsoft to look after all their computing requirements. Depending on your business needs Azure can replace file server, email server or terminal servers used for remote access.

There are many potential benefits of entrusting your business computing services to Azure.

Reduced Costs

Installing on-site servers can involve large upfront costs, to which on-going maintenance and upgrade costs need to be added. With Microsoft Azure your company will effectively be renting your servers, paying only for what you require.

Added to this is the saving in energy costs since you will not be powering or cooling on-site servers anymore, as Microsoft will take that off your hands too


A huge benefit of opting for cloud computing services with Azure is the ease of scaling them to suit your business needs. When you purchase a server to manage on-site the hardware within is usually generic, unless you have paid to upgrade it to contain something more precisely fitted for your business.

With Azure, you only pay for what you actually need. Instead of having to physically upgrade on-site server hardware you can easily scale up and down with Azure to meet company growth or seasonal trends.


Microsoft Azure is fast. In today’s world where speed can be essential in remaining competitive, Azure can help your business across three main areas in particular.

Their cloud services provide speed of deployment, speed of operation and speed of scalability, helping you retain an edge over your competitors.

Back up and Disaster Recovery

By using Azure and backing up your vital data to the cloud you remove the need for tapes and storing them off-site. By combining Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup Services you have the best way to protect both your infrastructure and your data.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is critical and Azure Site Recovery gives you the option to recover to the cloud or to a secondary site. Azure backup uses two secure separate data centres.


Sometimes things go wrong, it is just a fact of life no matter how hard we work to avoid such problems occurring. By using Azure you will have access to Microsoft support, one of the biggest tech names in the business.

With a 24/7 support line, plus accessible consultants around the world, you can have peace of mind that quick solutions are to hand when issues do arise.


Staying up to date with all the current regulations for your business niche and all the licensing for your software and hardware can be a challenge in itself. Microsoft Azure is designed with these demands in mind, providing the most comprehensive compliance offerings by a cloud service provider.

Whichever business market you operate in, Azure makes every effort to ensure your data is protected and compliant to regulations.


Data is pivotal to your company’s success and protecting it is paramount. Cyber security is under increasing scrutiny with high profile hacking cases receiving widespread coverage.

Indeed, hacking costs businesses billions each year and causes often insurmountable trust issues with customers, leading to lost business. Microsoft Azure data centres are secure sites protected by two-tier authentication access. They employ a team 24/7 to work on and react to any potential cyber threats. The Azure Single Sign-on feature means you can set a business-wide password rather than individual passwords if you prefer.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform which allows businesses to choose from a range of services and which supports any operating system language. Azure can be used as a hybrid service too, allowing you to integrate any existing services your business may have on-site which it wants to retain

If you are considering cloud computing services and remote support then our accredited Microsoft Azure cloud solution specialists can provide your business with expert advice on cloud services, including fully managed or hybrid options. Our award-winning customer service team can provide phone and remote support, giving you peace of mind that we have all your cloud computing needs fully covered.

Written by Ben Rogers

Group Marketing Manager at AdEPT