Is outdated IT impacting your care home?

The last thing you need if you’re working in a care home right now is any concerns around your IT infrastructure. We’re all aware of the challenges care homes have faced recently – and continue to face – so it’s fair to say you just need your IT to work properly, correct?

Many organisations don’t even think about their IT until something goes wrong. Yet when your IT does malfunction, it can be time-consuming to fix and it’s a distraction to running your care home effectively.

Think about everything your IT needs to do in your care home and you’ll see it actually underpins almost every activity, including:

  • Supporting staff in the office and helping them to be efficient
  • Providing hardware and digital resources for residents to use for entertainment, speaking with family and positive wellbeing
  • A means for residents to communicate with doctors over Wi-Fi from the comfort of their own rooms
  • Supporting you in achieving your CQC requirements
  • Keeping confidential data safe and protected against cyber-crime

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Overhauling IT in care homes
We’re proud to have supported care homes with their IT in recent months. One example of our work is with a home in Kent that has been running for 50 years.

The team there approached us because their IT was slowing them down. They had an antiquated telephone system, outdated servers, poor Wi-Fi connectivity and no digital data storage for storing information and records.

Rather than working with a variety of companies to solve each of these challenges, the home turned to us to find out how we could help with one overall and consistent solution.

The changes we made
We carried out an assessment of the home’s existing IT infrastructure and made recommendations. The care home was happy with our suggestions and work soon began on improving their IT set-up.

One important change was putting a support structure in place so the staff didn’t have to worry about technology any more. We did this through implementing our Managed IT Services with a 24/7/365 helpdesk, immediately putting their minds at rest.

This was followed by installing an AdEPT Nebula Voice solution to replace the old phone system, so calls to doctors, relatives and internal calls, all started to work properly.

The patchy Wi-Fi was the next challenge we needed to fix – important for residents to be able to FaceTime their families or video call their doctors. We improved the Wi-Fi system with increased access points and a new internet line to improve bandwidth.

Next on the list is updating the servers and storage – but for now, everybody is delighted with the progress made so far.

You can read the full case study here.

Improve IT in your care home today
If you work in a care home and you’ve struggled with your IT systems recently, why not chat to our team about making improvements? We’ll get everything working just as you need it to, cost effectively.

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Written by Alex Wilson

Business Development Executive