Key Benefits of Google Workspace for Education (Formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace for Education on a tablet iPad

Close to 90 million students and educators use Google Workspace for education. Google Workspace, previously known as G-Suite, provides educational tools for students and educators. When students use Google Workspace, they can share and edit documents and other projects. 

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What Is Google Workspace? 

Google Workspace is a cloud-based collaborative tool. It allows users to share and edit many types of files, share calendars, emails, and more. It includes every tool needed to stay productive, all in one place. It is one of the easiest ways to connect, create, and collaborate, whether you are at work or school.  

What Does Google Workspace Include?  

There are many amazing features of Google Workspace that make it the best online program on the market. No matter what features you need, Google Workspace offers them! Some of the primary features that are included in Google Workspace for education are cloud storage, file sharing, Google Classroom, and more. These are all beneficial for students and teachers!  

Top Benefits Of Google Workspace 

There are many great features in Google Workspace that make it a great option for educators. Here are a few of the key benefits that come from each of the features included in Google Workspace for education.  

Protects Against Data Threats 

One main benefit of Google workspace is that it will keep your data safe. This cloud-based service protects against many data threats, from data leaks to data loss. In a time where cloud security is so important, you need an organization that you can trust to protect your information. 

The data stored on Google Drive is encrypted, which protects it from outside threats. Users can also choose who has access to their files. This means that you can protect your files from people who don’t have viewer, commenter, or editor access granted to them. Each of these benefits will keep your information safe and will help you know who has access to your files. 

Easy To Collaborate and Share 

By far the biggest benefit of Google Workspace is how easy it is to collaborate and share different types of files. Especially in educational organizations, it is vital to collaborate and communicate effectively. Using the collaboration capabilities on Google Workspace to share work, share calendars, and more will help improve the organization and productivity of your institution.  

This is also a great benefit for group projects that you can’t do in person. Having an easy way to simultaneously work on files, while showing real-time edits, will help you or your students easily work together.  

Another benefit of Google Workspace is that you will no longer have to worry about saving your work or knowing who has access to your information. You can assign users the ability to view, comment, edit, and more. This will protect your data and with autosave features, your projects are in safe hands! 

The last benefit that comes from Google Workspace is that you can sync and share your Google calendars. It will make it much easier for students and teachers in your school district to schedule meetings, online classes, and it also offers a more efficient way to invite people to events.  

Great Storage Options 

One of the greatest benefits of using Google Workspace is that you will never have to worry about running out of storage space. Although most users are only given 15 GB of storage space, you can upgrade your plan to find a storage option that works best for you! 

Another benefit that comes from Google Workspace’s cloud storage is that you will save space on your computer! Rather than storing all of your files on your computer hard drive, you can keep them on the cloud. This will keep your computer running faster for much longer! 

You have unlimited storage options for your files when you use Google Drive and cloud storage. This makes it easy to share files safely, prevent data threats, and manage the users who have access to your data. 

Another benefit of cloud storage is that you can organize files based on projects and teams. Storing files in team-specific folders lets you easily find important documents and keep each of your teammates up to date on your collaborative projects. 

Easy To Learn and Implement 

Google Workspace is a program that is easy to learn and integrate into your organization! Google even provides training resources to help new users learn the basics of the program.  

It Is A Great Learning Tool 

One amazing benefit of using Google Workspace as a student or a teacher is that it is a great learning tool. If you are looking for educational resources or tools for teachers, Google Classroom is a great place to start! Some of the benefits of this online learning system are that it is an easy program to learn, it shows real-time progress, and it makes it even easier for students to receive effective feedback.  

Free For Qualified Educational Institutions 

Another amazing quality of Google Workspace is that it is free for teachers and students in qualified educational institutions. However, this only includes the fundamental features. You can upgrade to other paid subscriptions that offer more features that you want to use in your classroom! 

Learn More About Google Workspace today! 

Google Workspace is an amazing tool that will increase productivity for students and educators. If you want to learn more about Google Workspace and how it provides great resources for educators, AdEPT can help! 

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Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager