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IT should just work.

Shouldn’t it?

IT always promises to make your working life more efficient. It doesn’t always deliver. The moment a little IT grit gets in the gears of your smooth running business machine things can start to grind. Our managed IT services and support can change that. We can keep the grit from the machine – acting as an outsourced IT department that supports your whole organisation – or supporting your IT department while it does the same.

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Managed IT Services

We will advise on strategy, consider which technologies and solutions are best deployed to meet your short, medium or long term objectives, we will complement what is already being delivered within IT. And when time is tight or resources are stretched, we can scale up. At a moment’s notice. For projects, holiday or prolonged leave cover, for anything at all. And we can scale down just as quickly.

Making you more resilient and more flexible by making sure everything runs smoothly.

AdEPT has been the trusted IT support partner to businesses across the UK for many years. With the ever increasing importance that IT plays, making sure that you choose the right IT support partner is key to your success.

Products & Services

From our Managed IT suite

Managed Support

Hosted Applications

Hosted Email Services

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Hosted Desktop


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