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Secure and comprehensive coverage across the premises

The need for a stable and reliable connection is a constant, not just for when you’re out of the office or away from your desk.


Wi-Fi needs to be accessible, strong and secure.


AdEPT partner with a range of providers to ensure you get a deployment that works for you offering connectivity whatever the circumstance, and at best value.


AdEPT provides vendor options for in-building and perimeter Wi-Fi connectivity, including site audit and supply, and installation and maintenance services.


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• Install and maintain services from highly skilled team with experience across multiple vendors

• Remote management of performance and system utilisation

• Multiple vendor options provided including Meraki, Ruckus and Ubiquiti

• Site audit services available to advise on coverage and location to meet utilisation requirements


• Scalable wireless solutions to provide stability and reliability
• Allows separate of guest access from the corporate LAN
• Increases coverage and connection flexibility for mobile workers, especially where multi-site offices do not share the same LAN credentials
• Vendor supported maintenance options
• Site survey offering optimum coverage for best value
• Make rapid changes across the Wi-Fi network and provisioning of new devices
• Managed Wi-Fi services offer addition security options including encryption, centralised authentication, tracking of users and devices and intrusion detection.

Key Partners

AdEPT work with industry leading partners in the Wi-Fi space who specialise in the design, installation, support and management of public and private Wi-Fi solutions, to meet the specific needs of your business.

Whatever your requirement, we have a relationship with the right supplier to fulfil it.

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