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Reliable and cost-effective SIP access for IP telephony

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Save more with SIP Connectivity

AdEPT offer SIP access to enable and support IP telephony services for your business.


Nebula SIP connectivity is a leased line service with a managed router and peering from AdEPT’s Nebula Core to Gamma for SIP transit.


Ideal for organisations looking to future-proof their communications, and/or save money on the cost of running a traditional voice service such as ISDN or PSTN


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    • Direct peering from AdEPT’s Nebula Core with Gamma for efficient routing

    • Multiple leased line options from leading carriers such as BT Wholesale, Virgin Media Business and Talk Talk Business

    • Managed router options including Cisco and Huawei

    • Fully managed service including remote monitoring and customer dashboards

    • Supports AdEPT’s IP Telephony and Unified Communications portfolio


    • Separate your IP voice traffic from your data with a dedicated SIP line.

    • SIP channels scaled to fit your bandwidth and concurrent call requirements.

    • Low and high bandwidth options to meet current bandwidth needs and help you plan for the future.

    • IP voice delivered over private connections and transited via network-to-network interconnect with Gamma for termination

    Solution for BT Switch Off

    Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) is being withdrawn and moving to new digital, internet based (all-IP) services by 2025, with no new supply of PSTN or ISDN services after 2023.

    BT is accelerating its plans to transform the UK voice network from copper to fibre, with businesses and organisations now under pressure to change solutions before it is too late.

    Despite the switch off planned for completion in 2025, Openreach are planning to stop providing new PSTN and ISDN in over 100 locations (exchanges) in 2021, accelerating the need to start looking at alternatives for your business and organisation.

    Any individual or organisation still using these traditional voice services will need to have moved to newer SIP and IP voice solutions in the near future. If not, then they simply won’t be able to use their phones or any service that is being delivered using a PSTN.

    SIP services are generally used to connect lines to a telephone system and these are a direct replacement for the ISDN technology.

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