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ADSL and Superfast Fibre Broadband


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ADSL broadband - download speed up to 20Mb. Upload speed up to 1Mb

Fibre Broadband - download speed up to 80Mb. Upload speed up to 20Mb.

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Fibre Broadband for BUSINESS

We’ve doubled the speed of FIBRE BROADBAND at no extra cost

Up to 80 Mb download and up to 20mb Upload

How much does it cost


ADSL Broadband

We will always give new customers the fastest broadband available in their area We will not charge any extra for 20 Mb download speeds  

We will only provide 8 Mb downloads where 20 Mb is not available

How Much Does ADSL Broadband Cost

Take a look at our Broadband packages below to see our pricing

Usage limits are critical for Business users

As download speeds increase; businesses not surprisingly download more data Usage caps can lead to download restrictions or unexpected extra usage charges That is why we provide a range of usage limits for business users


* Unlimited usage 11pm-9am All charges quoted are per month

You sign the Order Form

You sign the Order Form and return it AdEPT Telecom plc. Our Order Form is a MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT that refers to all of the relevant Terms and Conditions. The contract has co-terminus end dates for all products so that you don’t have to remember lot’s of contract end dates – it’s EASY – there is just one date for everything.


How do AdEPT migrate the services?

We’ve made it EASY – all you have to do is let us know you want to move and we will do the rest. You will be kept fully informed of the transfer process and when the transfer has completed we will send you your new username and password…… that’s it.