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Frequently asked questions

Shareholder Benefits for Residential customers

Shareholder benefits are only available to residential customers.

To register please mail our Finance Director:


Qualification Rules

You need to own a minimum of 250 shares in AdEPT Telecom plc

FREE line rental

All qualifying shareholders will receive FREE line rental.

Customer services

0844 55 77 300

(Calls will cost 7ppm plus your phone company access charge)

How can AdEPT Telecom sell calls that are cheaper than BT?
Deregulation of the telecoms market allows us to compete with BT and to offer customers cheaper calls, by routing them via other carriers’ networks. We can keep our costs down as we do not have massive infrastructures or any networks to service. We pass these savings directly to our customers.
Sky TV and Broadband work with an AdEPT line
Sky TV and broadband work as normal when you take line rental from AdEPT. You keep the same BT line as you have now:  we simply buy in bulk from BT at lower prices than you can on your own. We then share the savings with you.
Why do we have Carrier Pre Select?

Carrier Pre Select is a part of the ongoing process of introducing competition to the UK telecommunications market and allows customers to route their calls to alternative operators at the local BT exchange. It therefore replaces other routing procedures such as:

  • dialling a prefix code before you dial the number you want.
  • having an adapter plugged in between the socket and your phone to automatically dial the prefix code.
  • programming switchboards to dial the prefix code.
Is this service approved?
Yes, the service is fully regulated by OFCOM, the telecom industry’s watchdog.
What if BT doesn’t provide my phone line?
You can currently only have Carrier Pre Select with AdEPT Telecom if you are on a BT line.
Do I need any on-site equipment?
No, you do not need any on-site equipment. Basically, all that happens is that BT re-programme your telephone number on their exchange equipment so that when a call is made it is automatically routed to another carrier’s network, rather than via their own network. AdEPT Telecom is then charged by this other network carrier and we in turn bill you for the calls you have made.
Is there an installation charge?
No, there is no charge whatsoever for the setting up of this service and there is no standing monthly charge. You are simply billed for the calls you make on a monthly basis, once the service has been provisioned.
Are there any features that are incompatible with Carrier Pre Select?

Carrier Pre Select cannot be offered currently to the following end-users:

  • Customers which are not BT or Calls & Access subscribers
  • Featurenet and Embark customers
  • Customers who require the use of meter pulsing
  • Customers already using a service conflicting with Carrier Pre Select
  • Public and managed payphones
  • Inbound only CLI (e.g. Call Sign and By pass)
  • Affordability Package e.g. Low User Scheme
  • Social Telephony

If you have subscribed to a conflicting service or a telephony scheme and want Carrier Pre Select, then you should first remove the conflicting service by contacting BT.

Do I still pay BT for my line?
No, if you have transferred your telephone line to AdEPT then we will invoice you for the rental of your telephone line and any other features you have on this line e.g. call divert.  If you have chosen to transfer your calls only to AdEPT, you will continue to receive invoice for the rental of your telephone line from your existing provider.
What if I have more than one line?
We can provide HOMEtalk or WORKwise on every line you have in your house or offices, so that you can benefit from cheaper calls regardless of which line you use to make your calls. You just need to provide us with all your telephone numbers.
How much do calls actually cost?
The cost of a call depends on the type of number dialled, as well as the time the call is made (e.g. whether it is made during the day, in the evening or at a weekend). Our tariff list gives the costs of local calls, national calls and international calls to the most popular destinations that our customers call and we would be happy to send this to you, either via email or post.
Does this mean that no calls will appear on my BT bill?
Certain types of call are not included within Carrier Pre Select, no matter which option you choose. These are calls to emergency numbers, operator assistance, directory enquiries (Type A & C) and number ranges used for flat-rate Internet access – those starting with 0844 04 or 0808 99. However, you will still have access to these services as you do now – they will appear on your BT bill rather than your AdEPT Telecom bill.
Do I have to make every call using my Carrier Pre Select provider?
No, if for whatever reason want to revert back to BT, you can by simply dialling “1280”. (This is called an ‘over-ride’.) Override codes will revert the call back over BT and will show on your BT bill.
What happens if I have a burglar alarm that uses the telephone?
AdEPT Telecom does not recommend having Carrier Pre Select on burglar or alarm type lines as these may interfere with the contract terms and conditions of security coverage. It is strongly recommended that you check with BT and your Security company and that your insurance is unaffected by using Carrier Pre Select. This recommendation also covers “Redcare” style lines as well.
How will I be charged?
Our preferred method of payment for this service is by Direct Debit. AdEPT Telecom will send you a fully itemised monthly bill for your calls. Direct Debit payments will be debited from customers’ accounts 10 working days from the date of each bill, so you will have plenty of time to contact us in the unlikely event that you have a query.
What happens if I move?
You will need to let us know that you are moving as the service will be automatically cancelled by BT when they cease the service at your current address. As long as your new line is provided by BT, then we can provide the HOMEtalk service for at your new address. You just need to let us know what your new number is and when it will be activated by BT. We will organise everything else.
What if I change my phone number?
Simply call our Customer Services team and we will make the necessary arrangements. This process will take up to 15 working days to complete.
What if I change my mind before the Carrier Pre Select service begins?
If you change your mind after you have submitted an order to us, you will still have a 10-calendar day ‘cooling-off’ period to change your mind. To cancel an order, simply call our Customer Services team. This cooling-off period applies to both the new Carrier Pre Select service and any later changes.
Isn’t there a catch?
Absolutely not. You simply pay for the calls you make, it’s as simple as that. What’s more you can cancel the service whenever you wish, although you will then lose out on your low cost calls!
What if I have a problem?
If you have any problems or further questions, our Customer Services team will be happy to help. Contact details can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section.