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Tier 3

Our Cloud-based platform is hosted in Tier 3 data centres in the UK

What are Cloud-based Contact Centres?

Modern contact centres need to scale and seamlessly grow to cost-effectively react to market changes.  Cloud-based contact centres offer a building block approach, which means additional functionality can be turned on as and when required.


Introduction to Cloud Contact Centres

For a business with existing telephone systems, our Cloud – Contact Centres expands your current capabilities without the need for large scale investment in infrastructure changes. This low risk model lets organisations launch new contact centre campaigns, products and services with minimal up-front investment.

What do you mean by scalable?

Pick and mix from the features below so that your solution best meets the needs of your business. For further information ring 0800 112 4000

Call Routing
  • AdEPT Telecom can build anything from a simple IVR to a complex call routing plan with multiple menus, options and rules.
  • We can ensure that all your calls are seamlessly routed to the appropriate department and call handler regardless of their geographical location.
  • All your messages will be recorded by a professional recording artist, but we also give you the ability to change them dynamically yourself, giving you complete flexibility.
Network Queuing
  • With masses of capacity at network level, you can manage your inbound peaks and troughs effectively by initially answering all calls at network level and then passing them to the site when an operator becomes available.
  • Consequently, you need less ISDN30 channels on site.
  • No caller will ever hear the engaged tone and at busy times where calls are being queued, your customers will receive whatever messaging you require as well as appropriate music if this is what you want.
Call Prioritisation
  • If you wish to give certain types of calls from a particular inbound number prioritisation over other calls, we can build this into your solution for you.
  • As an example: one of our cinema chain clients uses this feature to prioritise their highest priced ticket sales.
Brand Representation
  • If you have a number of different brands represented within your business, then we can ensure we incorporate this into your solution.
  • You can have a different welcome message and queue messaging for each of your brands.
  • We can even whisper the brand to your agent before the call is connected through to them if you have the same group of agents taking calls from multiple brands.
Black & White Lists
  • We can pre-build a list of callers telephone numbers into the network, so that you can route their calls in different ways. For example, you may have an excellent customer that spends huge amounts of money with you and you always want their calls to jump to the front of the queue.
  • Alternatively you may have a customer with outstanding debt that you may want to push directly to your Collections team.
Disaster Recovery
  • We can build you a plan(s) at network level to route your calls to an alternative destination(s) within minutes. You can have multiple plans in place to cater for different events such as staff training through to major disasters where no-one can get into a particular building.
  • These plans can be activated instantly and remotely – we give you the ability to do this. If you prefer, we can activate these plans on your behalf by simply ringing our support team.
Management Information
  • We provide you with access to an online portal so that you can view your inbound call information in real-time.
  • We give you the ability to tailor your reports to meet your business requirements and to schedule these automatically.
Data Capture
  • If you have a requirement to capture contact information for brochure or catalogue requests, then the network can do this on your behalf.
  • This information can be listened to and transcribed at a later time.
  • If you require voicemail at network level, then we can capture your message and then email the wav. file directly to an email address of your choice.
Fax to Email
  • If you receive lots of faxes then we can convert them to a PDF and send them directly to an email address of your choice.
  • There is a pence per minute charge for receiving faxes.
Satisfaction Surveys
  •  We can set up a facility whereby calls can be transferred to a Customer Satisfaction Survey once the call is completed.
  • This service allows callers to score the service received from a set of questions defined by you
  • Full reporting on the results is then available for you to act one
Call Recording
  •  We can record calls automatically and store them at network level
  • Call recordings can be retrived via on online portal
  • Ideal for sales or regulated environments
  • There is a charge per call recorded and stored

Some of the benefits of a Cloud - Contact Centre

  • They are hosted in Tier 3 certified data centres
  • Cloud-based contact centres are independent of location, hardware, software and agent location. The benefits of this absolute independence include callers never receiving a dreaded engaged tone
  • Location independence gives agents and administrators the freedom to log-in from any location. All that is required is a phone line (PSTN, SIP or mobile) and an Internet connection to easily access all the functionality previously tied to a premised based contact centre. This is particularly helpful when the weather is bad and people cannot travel to the office or in the event of a break in business continuity for another reason.
  • Able to adapt quickly to changing business needs and to find and deliver actionable intelligence in real-time.

You sign the Order Form

You sign the Order Form and return it AdEPT Telecom plc. Our Order Form is a MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT that refers to all of the relevant Terms and Conditions. The contract has co-terminus end dates for all products so that you don’t have to remember lot’s of contract end dates – it’s EASY – there is just one date for everything.