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Data Connectivity and Networks

uncontended circuits from 10Mb to 100Gb

Flexible bandwidth is ideal if your site may grow


Many of our circuits have the same upload and download speed

Speeds options up to 100,000 Mb (100Gb)

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We’ll price every technology from every major carrier to find the best solution for your post code.

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All our circuits have the same upload and download speed


AdEPT is proud to be Level 3’s preferred partner to supply PSN Connectivity.

How do we know what internet options are available?

How do we get a simple, EASY to understand explanation of what internet access options are available to us at each of our sites?


We start with your post codes

The first thing you need to do is give us the post codes of your sites. We will then check with every major carrier in the UK what technology options are available in your area. Each carrier has built network in different areas of the country and it is further complicated by the fact that some products are not yet available everywhere (and indeed might never be in some rural locations).

How do we get prices when we are not sure what we want?

We know we need a connection that is much faster and more reliable than broadband but we are not the experts, so we’re not sure how to specify exactly what we want.


We'll give you a list of options and prices

Once we know what technology options are available we will give you a list of speeds and prices and which carrier we would suggest we use. It is then EASY to choose the fastest option that you can afford.

Can we mix carriers?

Do we have to use the same carrier for all sites?


Yes, you can pick the best carrier for each site

We have made it really EASY to get the best deal as you can choose the best technology and the best carrier for each site. It is one of the key benefits from ADEPT Telecom being network independent. No carrier is the best in every part of the country. Mixing and matching ‘best of breed’ is the best solution.


Please click on one of the movies below to get a better understanding on how each of the different types of connectivity would best suite your company.