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CLOUD - SIP Trunks

voice over a data connection

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100Kb of bandwidth is needed to carry one SIP call

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Cloud-based SIP

Our SIP platform is dual-hosted, for resilience, in 2 Cloud platforms at Tier 3 data centres in Manchester and London

Can be integrated with Microsoft Skype for Business

What are SIP trunks?

What are SIP trunks and why are they becoming so popular? Is it just because they are cheaper?


Introduction to SIP trunks

SIP trunks are the modern alternative to ISDN30. Calls are initially carried over IP networks using your data connectivity and then connected to the PSTN when required. SIP offers much improved functionality compared to ISDN30 services, particularly in disaster recovery and the ability to move telephone numbers between sites.

What do you mean by improved functionality?

Why is SIP more flexible than ISDN30?


The features of SIP

  • Use your data connection to carry your voice calls
  • Move premises to another area and keep your phone numbers
  • Use local phone numbers even if your office is elsewhere
  • A fully resilient disaster recovery solution for your phones
  • Flex channels with seasonality at short notice
  • Create active and standby sites for disaster recovery
  • Load share allows you to share calls between sites
  • Centralise multi-site access and reduce costly channels
  • Carrier class, core switching infrastructure

The benefits of SIP

  • Our SIP trunks are certified for use with Microsoft Lync
  • Flexible numbering eg work from London but use Glasgow numbers
  • Supports multi-site working, thus allowing rationalisation of ISDN30 channels
  • Optional free calls to UK landlines, and UK mobiles
  • Full business continuity model without expensive Remote Call Forwarding charges
  • Scalable on a per channel basis
  • Can be used with existing customer premise telephone systems
  • Offers full emergency services support

You sign the Order Form

You sign the Order Form and return it AdEPT Telecom plc. Our Order Form is a MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT that refers to all of the relevant Terms and Conditions. The contract has co-terminus end dates for all products so that you don’t have to remember lot’s of contract end dates – it’s EASY – there is just one date for everything.


How do AdEPT migrate the services?

If you spend over £400 per month you will be allocated a Premier Service manager who will be your single point of contact for every aspect of your service, including the initial migration. We’ve made it EASY – you only ever have one person to contact (and a named deputy and a special, shortened escalation chain). The migration from ISDN30 to SIP needs careful project management and the longest part of the process is porting the numbers into SIP so that they become non-geographic. We will handle all of that for you.