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Wireless internet access inside and outside your building

Maximum number of users on each Access Point

Radios with omni-directional antennas in each access point

Our outside Access Points work down to -40C and up to 55C

How do we get high performance WiFi for our mobile users?

We want our WiFi to be as good as our wired-network. Can you do that?


We prioritise applications so important things go faster

We will give you a management system that allows you to choose which business-critical applications get priority. This stops bandwidth-hogging personal applications slowing down your WiFi network.

Can we grow the WiFi network?

What happens if we want to add more users at a later date?


We can add more Access Points at any time

Each Access Point can handle up to 240 users at once.

Will WiFi work outside?

We would ideally like to have WiFi in playgrounds, campus areas, stadium stands etc


WiFi Outside Access Points

Our outdoor Access Points are designed to withstand rain, heat, cold, direct sun and wind. They can operate as low as -45C and as high as 55C. They are even used in freezer cold store warehouses.