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Seamless and reliable local connectivity

How long has it been since you looked at or invested in your Local Area Network (LAN)?


Now may be the time. AdEPT offers customers the ability to connect sites and users to locally hosted services.


Our LAN services & solutions enable you to scale your networks as you grow, helping to reduce security risks and deliver core services to your staff and customers.


We makes sure the network is always available, delivering reliability with minimal disruption and not holding you back.


We offer a range of copper and fibre-based cabling services using qualified in-house engineers.


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    • Seamless extension or upgrade to existing LAN infrastructure

    • Certified and qualified engineers trained to provide site audits, site survey, LAN design and LAN infrastructure installation

    • Structured cabling services including Cat 5 and Cat 6 infrastructure

    • OM1-4 fibre multi-mode cabling infrastructure

    • LAN switch installation, management and maintenance, including Power over Ethernet


    • Improve LAN performance: through-put, availability and latency

    • Upgrade your local infrastructure to support next generation IP services

    • Delivered by experienced LAN engineers to minimise disruption

    • Improving the reliability, security, & resiliency of your LAN

    • Enable the predictable delivery of end user applications

    • Improving staff productivity

    • Reduce network maintenance costs and IT downtime

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