Procurement Frameworks

A highly regarded name in public sector procurement

AdEPT sit on multiple frameworks and can offer help and advice on the best route to procure our products and services for the public sector. Read on to find out more, or alternatively get in touch to discuss your requirement and the best way to proceed.

Did You Know?

AdEPT provides solutions to the Houses of Parliament, the Cabinet Office, over 100 councils and over 100 colleges / universities including the University of Cambridge!

AdEPT are proud to look after organisations across the public sector. We are lucky enough to have schools, universities, local authorities, hospitals, government departments and entire NHS Trusts as partners and customers. Though our network of frameworks, you don’t need to go out to tender, you can order direct from AdEPT.

If you have any questions about any frameworks, or are looking for the best way to procure our services for your organisation please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our public sector team, by filling in the form at the end of the page, or keep scrolling for more about what AdEPT Public Sector services are available.

Operating across multiple frameworks

Through a network of frameworks we make buying AdEPT products and services for the public sector as seamless as possible. In fact, over a third of our customer base is now from the public sector, and they benefit from the reassurance of having an accredited, proven and dependable supplier. An overview of our frameworks is below. The best way to speak about what we can offer and the best way to get it is to speak with one of our experts.

Public Sector Frameworks

Network Services 2

Technology Services 3

Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS

HSCN Access Services DPS

Education Technology

Global Internet Connectivity Services DPS

Outsourced IT

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Framework