Rootshell Vulnerability Management

In today’s world of ever-increasing cyber threats, criminals move quickly to exploit changes in circumstance, environment and infrastructure and so you don’t have time to waste. Rootshell’s Vulnerability Management tools can help you stay safe.

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Rootshell offers penetration testing, attack resilience assessments and managed vulnerability scanning – all consolodated into one easy to use platform. As a vastly experienced IT security team, Rootshell understands the drawbacks of traditional cyber threat management and can help to transform your entire vulnerability managment process.

Your best defence against network vulnerabilities

From the moment a vulnerability is discovered in your network, you must be able to respond promptly, as you can be certain that cyber criminals will.


Cyber criminals are ready to move quickly to exploit changes in circumstance, environment, and infrastructure. They are constantly finding new ways to compromise your network security and access your system.


You need to be able to constantly identify where your biggest risk lies so that you can focus on fixing the most critical issues faster and keep your organisation safe and secure.


In our latest eBook we look at the issues relating to network vulnerabilities and the various tools that are out there to put your organisation in a position to identify and eliminate any threads before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Vulnerability management

Roothsell’s Prism Platform is a vendor-neutral vulnerability management solution that uses AI to gather the latest exploit intelligence and apply it to your data.


The three phases of vulnerability management are:


  • Test: Penetration Testing and Attack Resilience Assessments
  • Scan: Managed Vulnerability Scanning
  • Consolidate: View all your data in one platform


Rootshell provides one complete solution to takle all of your vulnerability mangement needs.

Who Are Rootshell?

Subject Matter Experts
Rootshell have the relevant experts on-hand to provide the insight needed to remediate effectively. You will have a dedicated Rootshell Consultant, who holds accreditation by various bodies such as CREST, Offensive Security, and Cyber Scheme.


Scanning Tool Agnostic

Rootshell changes tooling as and when they feel it is best for our clients. There is no additional licence cost to the client – when they believe a new or existing product becomes a challenger or market leader, we will deploy it for the benefit of our clients.


Dedicated Project Management

Your project will be managed by a dedicated member of our Client Engagement Team, who will ensure your project remains on track and your deadlines are met. You will also receive expert scoping guidance and access to our cutting-edge secure information sharing solution.


Tailored and Personalised Expertise

Rootshell’s highly experienced SOC analysts will provide you with responsive technical account management. They will develop a deep understanding of your requirements and proactively provide tailored recommendations for your estate.


You will gain access to Prism, Rootshell’s vendor neutral platform that makes it effortless to carry out fast and efficient vulnerability management. You can receive results live from tests, easily communicate with your consultants through the platform, and benefit from Prism’s powerful remediation tools.

Prism enables you to get instant answers to key questions like: “where are my biggest risks”, “is remediation getting better or worse?’” and “where is my budget best spent?”

What they offer

Some of the benefits of Prism include:


Analyse historical data trends: See at a glance how your global threat posture improves over time.


Security assessment asset auditing: Effortlessly track your most important assets, SLAs, and compliance metrics.


Live dynamic reporting: Prism replaces static PDFs with next generation, living, breathing reports.


Daily Exploit Monitoring: Be alerted as soon as new exploits become available for any issue within your estate.

How can we help?

AdEPT empower organisations by uniting their technology, networking and data, providing seamless communication and the confidence to innovate. All underpinned by the latest security. And all with minimal fuss. We are perfectly placed to deliver a service you can trust. You can read more about some of our recent work in this area, by reading our case studies.