30th August 2019

St Dunstan’s College – Technician Support

St Dunstan’s College is an independent, coeducational school for 3 to 18 year olds located in South London and founded in 1888. AdEPT Education (formerly Atomwide) have delivered IT services and support to St Dunstan’s College since 2003. Here we speak with the school’s Network Manager John Taylor about his experiences with AdEPT Education over a 15 year partnership and recently their uptake of on-site and remote IT support.

What made you look to get additional in-school IT support?

Our support requirements had reached a level at which we could no longer work as efficiently as we needed to hence we needed to find additional IT support.

What made you choose AdEPT’s Service?

Having worked with them for a number of years and being familiar with their expertise and customer service made it an easy decision to contact them first. From the initial discussions regarding our specific requirements we were confident that they would be able to give us the support we required.

What do you find most helpful about the AdEPT School Technician Service?

We are always assured of a technician in residence who has immediate access to a pool of knowledge and experience. Not just there for if things go wrong, we have been proactively working with with AdEPT to create an ICT strategy to ensure the future-proofing, scalability and resilience of our IT systems for years to come, minimising the risk of any potential headaches or unforeseen costs. They have assisted us by providing all of our server room hardware and client desktops, VoIP provision and support, school site access control, internet provision and school email among other things.

Would you recommend it to other schools and why?

Definitely, we are 100% satisfied and could not operate without their support. Their professionalism and level of support exceed all other companies we have dealt with. The service eliminates any doubt and the costly and time consuming process of hiring our own full time staff and we gain the assurance that we get hand-picked staff immediately.

Written by Ben Rogers

Group Marketing Manager at AdEPT