22nd December 2021

The Benefits of SASE Networks to Large Enterprises, Explained

Did you know over 88% of UK small-medium businesses use cloud computing in their operations? With the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, remote workers have risen.

This has created concerns over data security. But how do businesses secure their cloud business further from data breaches?

Enterprises distribute workflows through cloud-based applications to remote users. However, their security tools don’t match the pace.

Businesses must manage and secure all endpoints to remain competitive.
Thus, they must use the same networking and security policies on their premise infrastructure. It doesn’t matter their location.

The growing demand for new IT infrastructure is becoming synonymous with every company. It combines security and network into a single cloud platform that is becoming a reality.

Most businesses can now access these services. They come in a single platform called secure access service edge networks (SASE).
This article explores SASE networks and their benefits to businesses.

What is SASE Networks?

The term SASE, also pronounced as “sassy,” was introduced into the computing world in August 2019 by Gartner. The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based service. It combines security and networking functions.

The combination is integrated with WAN capabilities. It supports secure and dynamic hybrid organisation access needs.

It incorporates the cloud-based firewalls and software-defined networks (SD-WAN) into one platform. This is the principal goal of SASE.

This way, the SASE platform will identify malware, monitor sessions. In addition, it assesses risks and trust levels and decrypts the content.

Significant Benefits of SASE Networks

The rise in the number of businesses using off-premise networks is worrying. By adopting cloud applications poses more data security threats.

Employees are accessing company data from coffee shops, homes, or other regions. Therefore, every organisation needs identity-centric network security.

Here are expected SASE benefits that every business can experience.

Holistic Security

It’s no surprise that traditional remote access applications are not secure. Sometimes they cannot provide the IPS, SWG, and NGFW security functions.

When these functions fail, businesses are left stranded. They have no option but to find other solutions to fill the gaps. Yet, this approach doesn’t deliver the much-sought visibility and security.

Incorporating SASE networks into your business solves all your data security failures. It incorporates unique security features with your underlying network.

It builds anti-malware, firewalling, IPS, and URL filtering mechanisms to your existing network. As such, your cloud, mobile, and website edges get the same protection level.

Wondering which security functions are integrated into the SASE network? Here’s an impressive list of routing and security features.

These what you’ll enjoy while using SASE:

  • Zero-trust network access
  • RBI
  • Malware protection
  • Firewall as a service
  • DNS reputation
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Secure web access
  • Cloud access security broker

The right SASE structure can protect your business against cyber-attacks and detect malware sources. It provides comprehensive security features that every business needs.

Reduced Costs

Provisioning, maintaining, sourcing, and monitoring different point solutions is critical. They can drive up the enterprise Opex and Capex.

Luckily, SASE helps businesses eliminate the aspect of dealing with different cloud solution vendors.

Through SASE, a business gets all the cloud solutions from a single vendor.
Your network solutions should be handled by one provider. You eliminate the appliance and network complexity miscellaneous costs.

With SASE, you do away with virtual and physical appliances patchwork . Here, you embrace one cloud-native solution.

Your business benefits more by cutting down costs associated with:

  • Network maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Minimal IT staffing
  • Patches
  • Appliance buying

Simplified Management

Unlike point solutions, SASE doesn’t allow complexity and costs to grow simultaneously with the network. Being a single cloud-based solution, its management is easy.

For instance, managing NGFW, SWG, VPN, and SD-WAN devices in various office locations need more IT professionals.

The number of these staff members keeps increasing with every new office establishment.

Using the SASE network brings the workforce and solutions needed down to one. As a single cloud-based solution, it controls and protects the whole service from one point.

Boosts Scaling

Real-time applications require high-performance connections from your network. VPN security methods have existed for long.

However, their application performance has been impeded by security-induced delays. If you’re trying to beat the competition, you need automated solutions. They take less time to secure connections.

Stable Data Protection

Businesses gather, process, and redistribute significant data each day. In all transactions, you’ll handle sensitive customer information and confidential business data.

You don’t want to lose all this sensitive information or expose it to hackers. The use of SASE enables automatic cloud data loss prevention (DLP). This fantastic cloud solution embeds DLP into the business control points. They ensure that no form of data is stolen or lost.

In short, it saves you from buying and maintaining several protection tools.
Whether you have different cloud environments, several devices, or many applications, SASE DLP has got you covered.

It allows businesses to use protection policies. This is on their entire network from one point. Also, it authenticates devices and users before giving access to the business applications and data.

Complete SD-WAN Integration

The introduction of SD-WAN changed businesses’ connection to the cloud. Your business can migrate away from proprietary and closed WAN solutions. This not only saves operational costs but boosts flexibility.

SD-WAN direct traffic using a centralised control plane across the Wan. It boosts application performance. Also, it lowers your IT budget, enhances productivity, and improves user experience.

Enhanced Network Performance

Constant network tracking by SASE helps identify your data flow. It monitors how remote data access is distributed. This is across different data centres and cloud environments.

With this data, you can get real-time information. This about outbound and inbound processes. This when they are occurring from a single network interface or portal.

The latency experienced during network monitoring is a thing of the past with the SASE solution.

It allows fast network connection regardless of the remote location of the portal user.

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Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager