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Protect users from inappropriate content

A powerful tool for business and education organisations, it is important that users and students are able to use the Internet safely.


AdEPT offers cloud-hosted web filtering, requiring no local or client-installed resources on customer devices.


The service is supported by professionals who have decades of experience in safeguarding, filtering and monitoring.


AdEPT are a member of the Internet Watch Foundation who work internationally to help make the Internet a safer place.


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• Deny policies across the following four critical categories: criminal skills, extreme, hate speech, weapons

• Dynamic categorisation of web content with billions of URLs categorised including rapid categorisation of new content

• Web threat identification, monitoring and comprehensive user base reporting

• File type blocking

• eSafety awareness, configurable per-category deny and warning pages

• Protection from phishing sites

• Protection against Web threats; malware, spyware viruses, tracking software

• Command & control of instant messaging, webmail and social networking applications


• Virtualised domain with advanced filtering policies provides an easy-to-deploy solution for distributed sites

• Our web filtering incorporates the blocked site lists from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the government’s Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU)

• SafeSearch enforcement across all popular web search engines

• Configurable deny and allow lists

• More than 1billion URLs monitored daily by AdEPT

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