What Is a Contact Centre Solution?

contact centre solution

When someone uses the phrase: contact centre solution, what do you imagine? Chances are, it’s a massive room, with hundreds of phones ringing and a customer services team hurrying to answer. 

Whilst this image may be true for some, nowadays both small and large businesses can leverage the power of contact centre solutions. After all, who wouldn’t want to enhance their customer experiences, engage new prospects and grow their business!

This post will answer key questions such as: what is a contact centre solution? And what are the benefits? So that you can make wise investment choices for your organization.

Keep reading to find out all there is to know about contact centres! 

What is a Contact Centre Solution?

A contact centre is your business’s communications hub. It’s a single, centralised platform that lets your customer services team easily manage your external communication channels. 

The primary purpose of a contact centre is to improve your interactions with customers. This is achieved by giving them quick and efficient ways to engage with your brand. 

For example, contact centres can provide technical support, sales advice and general customer services. Plus specialist functions such as making appointments or making purchases. These services develop the customers understanding of your products/services and increase their likelihood of purchasing from you. 

A contact centre solution can be installed at your office or hosted in a cloud environment for the most flexibility. The best contact centres will also integrate with other managed services you need. These might include a business phone system and customer relationship management system (also known as a CRM). 

Are Contact Centres All About Calling?

Traditionally, contact centres focused on voice communications. Hence why many people still conjure up that call centre image when thinking of the term. But, as technology and consumer habits have changed, so too have contact centres. 

Nowadays contact centre channels mirror the technology that consumers use in their private lives. Online chats, integrated social messaging, email and even video calls are now commonplace as customers look for more ways to connect. 

Microsoft found that 66% of customers use an average of 3 communication channels to connect with customer services. This emphasises just how important offering choice is to modern consumers.

You may come across the term “multi-channel contact centre” or “omnichannel contact centre” when searching. Multi-channel refers to a solution that offers more than one channel to connect. Such as email and chat.

Omnichannel takes this a step further. In an omnichannel contact centre each communication channel talks to one another. This allows customers to mix and match channels until their query is resolved. 

What Should I Look for in a Contact Centre Solution?

In recent years, the communications market has proliferated. So there are lots of vendors out there vying for your attention. But it’s important to remember that not all solutions are equal! 

When evaluating contact centres, make sure they include the following non-negotiable features:

  • Advanced call distribution to control the flow of calls and maximise customer experience
  • Email, website live chat and integrations with popular social media apps like Facebook and Instagram
  • Interactive Voice Response to route calls to the right department within your organisation without the need to speak to an agent
  • Performance monitoring tools to track performance, customer satisfaction and other key sales metrics
  • Scripts to provide high-quality support and generating sales in the case of outbound call centres
  • Interchangeable assignments so agents can work as a team

This list isn’t exhaustive. As a business, you’ll have unique demands for your contact centre. So whether you’re planning to run telemarketing campaigns or provide customer support talking to an experienced managed contact centre provider is the best way to make sure you’re getting the features you need. 

An experienced provider will also give you a detailed demo of your potential solution and set you up with a free trial. By using the software before buying, you’ll guarantee you’re investing wisely.

How Can a Contact Centre Benefit My Business?

Even if you don’t have a traditional contact centre, chances are you will benefit from a contact centre solution.

Most businesses find that dedicated call management software improves their ways of working. If you’ve ever had a call come into the office and had to put them on hold for 5 minutes while you desperately try to find the person they’re after, you need a contact centre solution!

For workers, contact centre solutions take the hassle out of customer communications. For example, call routing reduces wasted time on the phone and improves customer satisfaction by avoiding the dreaded hold button. 

Additionally, as contact centres integrate with CRM systems, keeping customer records up to date is much simpler! Agents can enter notes whilst on the phone and can save time typing up info later on. This also makes sure that data isn’t lost or stored in violation of GDPR requirements.

Another benefit is the proven impact on sales. When a customer’s problem is resolved with one interaction, only 1% switch to a competitor. If this problem isn’t addressed, this figure jumps to 15%. 

An omnichannel contact centre will guarantee you’re in the 1%. Customers won’t need to play pass the parcel as they move from chat to email to phone. They’ll be transferred instantly and get their query resolved on the spot.

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Investing in a contact centre solution will improve customer satisfaction, increase the efficiency of your workforce and grow your bottom line.

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Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager