30th July 2021

What Is Microsoft 365 for Business? All You Need to Know

Microsoft 365, formerly Microsoft Office, is a collection of apps designed to help businesses improve their productivity and is being used by more and more companies. In fact, 70% of fortune 500 companies have purchased Microsoft 365 for their company in the past year. However, many companies do not know how Microsoft 365 can impact their company and help them improve. 

Do you want to learn more about Microsoft 365 business standard and how Office 365 can help your company? Keep reading this guide to Microsoft 365. 

What to Know About Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for business are cloud-based services that offer productivity solutions for any company. Originally, it was known as Office 365. When you purchase Microsoft 365, you get subscription access to all Office apps. 

Not only does this help improve productivity, but it can also protect your company from cybersecurity threats. It provides a higher level of security and allows businesses to protect their data. 

Microsoft 365 is perfect for small to medium businesses and can help you improve communication with your employees, increase productivity, and more. 

As was mentioned before, Microsoft 365 is the new and improved version of Office 365. One main difference is the subscription aspect. It is something that you purchase for your company each month or year, rather than buying it once. 

Second, Office 365 included apps on your computer. However, Microsoft 365 allows you to access each of these services online. Whether you need your email, cloud storage, or other communication tools, you can access your work wherever you are. 

Plans and Pricing

There are many subscriptions and plans available through Microsoft 365. Depending on the needs and budget of your business, you can choose whichever plan works best for you. Here are the Microsoft 365 pricing and plans and what they include. 

Business Basic

The Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan is best for businesses who want online versions of the Office Apps. It is great for those who want remote solutions as it includes Microsoft Teams, cloud storage, and more. 

Business Standard

The Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan is a little bit more expensive than the basic plan but is best for companies with full remote work. It provides more tools for collaboration and allows you to access premium office applications across each of your devices. 

The main difference between the business basic and the business standard plan is the access to the apps. While the basic plan only allows you to access the Microsoft apps online, the business standard plan allows you to use the desktop apps on your local computer. 

Business Premium

Finally, the Microsoft 365 Business Premium Plan is the plan that includes everything in the business standard plan and more. If you are looking for an option with a higher level of security and protection from cyber threats, the business premium plan is the best option for you. 

The main difference between standard vs premium plans is the options for device management and improved security for your business. 

Apps Included in Microsoft 365

There are many apps included in the Microsoft 365 subscriptions. First and foremost, it includes productivity tools. These are the most commonly used Microsoft tools, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. 

However, there are other helpful apps in Microsoft as well! For example, there are online services that allow you to access your work from anywhere. These include Teams, an online communication platform, and OneDrive. OneDrive gives you 1TB of data storage for free and is a great way to keep your data and projects secure. 

Depending on the subscription option you choose, you can have more features. This means that as a company, you can choose the plans that fit your unique needs. You don’t have to pay for tools that you don’t need to use!

How Is Microsoft 365 Useful for Businesses

There are many ways that any of these Microsoft 365 plans are useful for businesses. As was mentioned before, it is great for communication. You can hold conference calls, communicate online, and more through the Microsoft apps. Microsoft Teams makes it much easier to reach out to your employees, get updates throughout the day, and more. 

Especially as many businesses have transitioned to remote work options, this is an easy and efficient way to stay connected with your team. 

It is also useful for businesses because it provides you with each of the productivity apps you need at a predictable cost. Because the pricing for Microsoft 365 subscriptions is based on how many users you have, it is easier to budget for your IT spending. You will not have any additional or hidden costs when you use Microsoft 365. 

Finally, as a business owner, you can be confident that you are using the best apps available. Microsoft 365 provides automatic upgrades to ensure that your apps are consistently performing as they should. You will not have to buy new software.

Instead, your apps will automatically update to the newest version!

Learn More About Microsoft 365 for Business Today

Using Microsoft 365 for your business is a great way to improve productivity and more. If you want to improve collaboration, communication, storage, and more, you should consider getting Microsoft 365 for your business. However, you want to make sure you buy it from a reliable source!

If you are looking for a professional company to help you find cloud services for your business, AdEPT can help! Contact our team today to learn more about Microsoft 365 pricing, plans, and more. 

Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager