Why use a Managed IT Service Provider?

For many companies, choosing between an in-house IT department and an IT service provider is a difficult decision. An in-house service offers more control and a high degree of customisation. However, in-house IT departments are expensive and difficult to manage. There are several other advantages it using a managed IT service provider, including:

Focusing on your Core Business

By utilising a managed IT service provider, your business can focus on more important matters. Instead of dealing with IT-related headaches, you can relax while experts take care of everything for you. An IT service provider ensures that your business’ requirements are met while keeping up with the latest technological developments.

Greater Return on Investment with less risk

An IT service provider brings trained professionals, up-to-date certifications, and years of experience to your business. With these advantages, an IT service provider can dedicate specialised resources for your company’s needs. Since IT providers remain at the forefront of technology policies, keeping on top of regulatory requirements is simple. Instead of hiring expensive specialists that your company only needs once a year, your IT service provider provides their knowledge on an as-needed basis.

Customised IT Strategies for your Business

A third-party IT provider is capable of analysing your business’ requirements from an objective perspective. Your business can pass on its goals and strategies to technology experts. These experts will help you develop an insight into how technology can best serve your company’s needs. Solutions can be designed and manufactured to maximise productivity over a fixed term. IT service providers do more than react to and fix problems. The relationship that develops is one focused around helping your business formulate the strategies it needs to realise its goals.

Access to a Variety of Services

IT services providers are continuously developing services to serve their customers’ needs. As an example, many companies require a cloud-based solution for specific business operations. IT service providers will have a variety of cloud-based solutions with customisation options ready to be utilized by a client. Understanding potential clients’ needs and desires lead IT providers to develop a variety of services ahead of time so that they are ready to work with your business as quickly as possible.

Innovations in Technology

IT service providers are responsible for keeping up with the latest technological innovations. The providers’ technological experts can surround themselves with cutting-edge developments and bring benefits to your company. Your company maintains its position on the cutting edge of the technological threshold without paying for new hardware or employee training.

Reductions in Operation Costs

Maintaining an IT department or simply paying a few specialist technicians is an expensive endeavour. Every IT employee requires a salary, benefits, training, vacations, and needs to be replaced as they find other opportunities. Managed IT service providers provide a steady and continuous service that is free from all of the hiccups that come with an in-house department.

A Predictable Monthly Budget

One of the best aspects of an IT service provider is the fixed monthly fees. The exact details of your contract are always worked out in advance with explicit monthly costs and the possibility of additional expenses. When your company has an in-house IT department, you need to set aside money in case of sudden and unpredictable expenses. With a managed IT service provider, you never have to worry about surprise expenses.


Every contract with a managed IT service comes with a Service Level Agreement. An SLA defines accountability for both parties in certain circumstances, it outlines and enforces the IT service provider’s commitment to service excellence. With an IT service provider, technical experts are continuously working behind the scenes on your behalf. Should these experts fail to meet their obligations, there is a clear line on how to take appropriate measures.

Vendor Relationships

As IT service providers accumulate clients and experience, they are also building relationships with their software and hardware providers. As a result, service providers have access to purchase and leasing options that are not available to companies trying to build in-house departments. The service providers have also already done the work of finding the best suppliers and this frees you from yet another unnecessary task.

Choosing an In-House IT Department vs a Managed IT Service Provider

Choosing between an in-house IT department versus a managed IT service provider is important. The biggest advantage of operating in-house is control. However, there are so many upfront and maintenance costs associated with in-house solutions that utilising a third-party is often the superior choice.

Consider your company’s needs carefully and choose the IT services that will best suit it. If you would like to read more on how we can help you, check out our managed IT services.

Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager