Why Use Microsoft Teams Instead of Email?

Do you wish to improve communication between different departments? If so, consider using Microsoft Teams for your business.

Some of the largest companies in Europe are using Microsoft Teams instead of email. These companies come from various industries like manufacturing, education, and telecom, among others.

There must be something special about the app for these companies to choose is application. Why use Microsoft Teams instead of email? Continue reading below to learn some benefits of Microsoft Teams now:

Why Use Microsoft Teams Instead of Email?

What is Microsoft Teams, and why should you drop traditional email? It is a chat-based tool taking remote collaboration to the next level. It has features to make it a one-stop tool for collaboration.

Why use Microsoft Teams if your email processes work? For starters, the tool offers more focused communication. Employees from various departments can chat with a single thread.

This feature creates a unified stream of exchanges focusing on a specific topic. No one needs to open several emails to follow conversations anymore. It also ensures you only open conversations with relevant information.

Eliminating the tedious practice of reading the email thread allows new employees to catch up faster. The tool lets you add new members to the Team. They will have no problem reading past conversations.

Microsoft Teams also keeps all related files in a single location. If a member attaches a file, Microsoft Teams will make a copy on the Files tab. Anyone from the Team can see and make edits if they have permission.

When you have projects exclusive to a select number of employees, use the private channels feature. Each channel has a set of default tabs, allowing users to post web pages, documents, and apps.

Other Useful Features of Teams 

Microsoft Teams’ daily active users increased to 145 million. Behind this recent success are the other valuable features like video and audio meetings.

Through video conferencing, employees can collaborate with anyone in the company despite working from home. They can share screens and co-work on files without using other platforms.

Microsoft added the “Together mode” to create more engaging and inclusive video calls. Everyone will see themselves together within the same realistic environment. The spaces can be as simple as a coffee shop or as extensive as a conference hall.

The platform also offers automation and integrations. Businesses can incorporate certain apps to boost efficiency and productivity. Trello and Smartsheet are two of the most popular choices for project management.

IT firms add PagerDuty, Bitbucket, and ServiceDesk. For cost-effective calls to external lines, Direct Routing is a viable choice.

Since Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 family, collaborating on Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files is smoother. You can also sync your Outlook calendars to ensure no one misses deadlines and important meetings.

The tool also offers high-level security and compliance. Thanks to the enterprise-grade cloud of Microsoft 365 and Office 365, you can set up multi-factor authentications. This feature ensures your protection even when hackers compromise your password.

Who Should Use Microsoft Teams for Business?

What types of companies benefit the most from Microsoft Teams? Any company wishing to improve employee engagement will make the most out of the tool. It streamlines communication channels by making them more upfront.

It is also a perfect tool for businesses looking to reduce costs. The platform covers multiple functions several solutions used to do. You will also have fewer subscriptions for your collaborative tools.

Microsoft Teams will also help companies looking to boost their productivity. Through a more fluid collaboration, employees can finish their tasks faster. They can complete their projects without making severe mistakes.

This valuable tool also helps companies make their employees more flexible. With all the necessary features in one place, they can share their ideas more effectively. They can unleash their creativity and accomplish projects with other departments.

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

With the diverse set of features, will your employees find it difficult to adjust? Aside from having an easy-to-understand interface, consider trying several tips and tricks for a more efficient experience.

Start by learning some keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+E to go to Search and hit Ctrl+Shift+O to turn off your camera.

To blur your background, press Ctrl+Shift+P. Hit Ctrl+6 to go to your files. Press Ctrl+Shift+M if you wish to mute your microphone.

On busy days, notifications will pop up constantly. Teams will let you focus on your task by reducing distractions. Go to the Notifications tab and adjust the type and frequency of your alerts. 

To search through conversations, type the keywords in the Search box and press Enter. Once the search results appear on the left pane, click on the Files and People tabs. It will cover messages from both groups and individuals.

Type the “@” symbol in the search box to find a message you sent to a specific person. Use the Filter button and type “@mentions” to filter activities involving you.

You can invite everyone to a team to cascade vital messages for the entire organisation. Go to your Teams list and select “Join or create a team.” Hit “Create a Team” and choose “Build a team from scratch.”

Click “Org-wide,” input your team name, and click “Create.”

Create polls by clicking the “Forms” icon. You can post questions and multiple answer choices while ensuring the respondents remain anonymous. This feature is a great option when you want to ensure fairness and unbiased opinions.

Experience Teams for Business Now

Now you can answer the question “why use Microsoft Teams instead of email?”, consider experiencing the platform. You are missing out on various features to make team collaboration easier. Worse, your competitors are likely using this tool already, putting you at a disadvantage.

If you are looking for someone to help with Microsoft Teams, you came to the right place.

Connect with us today and tell us about your requirements. Let us discuss how Microsoft Teams can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager