10th December 2021

Windows 11 Is Here – What’s New? A Guide for Businesses

Ah, Windows 11. 

The update for the operating software we all know and love is finally here! If you’re a business utilising the platform for running operations, you might be wondering what the new Windows upgrade will mean for your day-to-day.

How will the innovations be updated? And most importantly, is Windows 11 built with the functionality to support today’s hybrid work environment? Will it enhance your productivity?

Curious about all these questions and the latest Windows 11 features? We break it all down in this article.

When Does It Release?

Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10, launched on the 5th of October 2021! If you have already purchased Windows 10, the upgrade will come free to you.

The update will be available even sooner for certain products like the Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3, and more. Following are the main system requirements to download the update:

  • One gigahertz processor
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB storage
  • Display that is 720p, 8-bit per channel
  • Internet connection, as well as a Microsoft account to complete the system set-up

If you have these requirements set up on your business systems, you’re all ready to use the new update!

How to Download Windows 11

Wondering how to download Windows 11? Well, it is a relatively simple process. To do a clean install, you’ll need to reinstall and restore all your apps and files. This will get boost your PC’s productivity and adaptability.

On the other hand, if you want to go back to Windows 10, that is possible. Some systems don’t react well to updates, leading to Windows 11 problems. In this case, you’ll have the opportunity to downgrade to Windows 10, too.

Easier Access to Services

One of the most significant changes in the new Windows 11 OS is how accessible it is. You’ll be able to access new services with ease, as well as all the support and services you’re used to.

Let’s take a look at some of the services you’ll be able to use with ease with the update.

  • Microsoft 365: This one is a must for every business, as it allows cross-platform functionality across Android and macOS decides for productivity and operations
  • Microsoft Teams: This is another added inclusion that is made available with the update and is perfect for communicating across teams and verticals
  • Power Automate: This app allows users to create flows to help with everyday tasks like messaging, notifying team members, and more

Having easy access to these essential applications is a significant benefit of Windows 11! It will help your team get their responsibilities more quickly, which helps your productivity and bottom line.

More Customisable

Windows 11 also differs from its predecessor (Windows 10) in how much the interface and user experience can be customised.

Personalising your PC or tablet is critical to getting tasks done with more ease. Following are the main elements that you can customise in the new operating software:

Start Menu

The start menu is the key to your entire online experience. In Windows 11, you’ll be able to pin and unpin the apps you want with ease. Whether it’s MS Teams, Outlook, or any other app your business uses, you’ll be able to see it front and centre when you open your machine.

In addition, you can customise the colour and background settings too.


The taskbar is another excellent place to organise all your apps. You’ll be able to pin and unpin apps and customise the toolbar in the same way as the start menu.


Widgets can be of great use to businesses!

Whether it’s stock prices, weather apps, an up-to-date calendar, or more, adding widgets is the best way to keep the critical stuff top of mind.

Use Existing and New Apps With Ease

Windows 11 will continue the app functionality of Windows 10. You’ll be able to use your favourite and most productive applications, accessed from the Microsoft store.

Traditionally mobile applications like Amazon, Notion, and more will be available for use right on your PC. However, you’ll also be able to install Android apps from the Microsoft Store, which is a brand new functionality. This way, you’ll be able to treat your PC as a mobile phone.

Are you looking to manage all your applications? Keeping track of them can be challenging. However, Windows 11 makes this relatively easier.

All you need to do is go to ‘settings’ and then ‘apps.’ You’ll be able to see all your apps listed, as well as their settings. Windows 11 also pulls up comparable apps on the Microsoft Store.

This feature is highly beneficial, as it will keep you updated on the latest apps you could be using to boost your business.

Another option is to use the Endpoint Manager. This will help you manage your app settings and set up the Company Portal app. This is explicitly intended for businesses looking to build an app repository for their operations.

Are You Ready to Start Using Windows 11 Today?

Windows 11 is indeed the operating system of the future. Not only is the new operating system built-in with features that will benefit every user, but businesses can use it to their advantage too.

The best part? As it is based on Windows 11, it is a natural transition from what you know and love. Thus, the tech isn’t too gimmicky and complicated for your employees to figure out.

Ready to download Windows 11 today? At Adept Technology, we specialise in bringing together IT, telecoms, and connectivity with key partnerships and technical know-how. 

When it comes to upgrading your business to Windows 11, we review each customer and their requirements on a case-by-case basis before suggesting whether to make the upgrade to Windows 11. We will work with you and guide you on making the best choice before making the decision to upgrade to the new operating system. To discuss upgrading your business to Windows 11, get in touch with the team at AdEPT. For more information on what else we offer, be sure to check out our products and services today!

Written by Sami Malik

Marketing Campaigns Manager