Wycombe District Council

Wycombe District Council invited tenders for the provision of an Active/Standby SIP Service with 85 licensed redundant sessions.

Case Study

This was as a result of the Council engaging a supplier to upgrade its Cisco Unified Communication platform and therefore the Council intended to take the opportunity to migrate their PSTN connectivity from existing ISDN30 connections to SIP. 

AdEPT won the contract via RM1045, which was to provide 10mb data circuits, SIP endpoints, 85 active SIP channels at the main site and 85 standby channels at a standby site and the transfer of 1,000 DDI. AdEPT were able to identify cost-effectiveness and experience in the migration of services from traditional ISDN to SIP. 

The objective of the Council was to find a cost-effective supplier that was able to manage the migration of services to SIP in co-ordination with the upgrade of its Cisco unified communications platform that was being performed by its incumbent supplier. 

In its implementation plan, AdEPT was able to demonstrate both the deployment of new SIP services, including new circuit installations, and the porting of DDI from the existing service provider. 

Written by Tom Welsh